【Official】FOUR STORIES HOTEL Maihama Tokyo Bay


In the 4-story "Tatemono"
Different room designs for each floor.
"Four stories" that a little child drew in a sketchbook with crayons,
"Four rooms" were born with free-spirited ideas.

"I wish I had a room like this ..."
Once upon a time, everyone would have thought about such a forgotten memory.
I've made it into a "shape" now.



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Four Stories Hotel Maihama Tokyo Bay


1-11-31 Fujimi, Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture

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"Instagram" has started.Please come and see if you like.

  • "Instagram" has started.Please take a look if you have time.

    "Instagram" is updated regularly.
    If you have made a reservation, I would be grateful if you could take a look at it by the day of your stay.
    It's fun to see if it's attractive and informative information.
    I mainly post photos that are not posted on the homepage or other sites.
    As this is an "accommodation-specialized hotel," there are no photos of meals, etc.
    Just because you see it doesn't mean you're too hungry.
    It will be encouraging if you like and follow us.

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