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  • How can I get there by bus from Maihama Station

    Maihama Station and head toward the bus rotary on the 1st floor.
    From Platform 2, take the bus Urayasu Station Entrance" or "Line 37 Minami-Continue reading
  • What time is check-in and check-out time?

    Check-in is from 15:00 to 24:00 and check-out is from 10:00.
    Check-out can be extended "until 12:00".(For a charge)
    *Extension fee(1 room 1 Continue reading
  • Do I need to contact me if I want to change my check-in time?

    Basically, you don't need to contact the hotel.
    However, please be sure to contact us only if the check-in time is likely to be past 24:00.
  • What is the accommodation rate system?

    The room rate system of our hotel varies depending on (1) "stay date", (2) "room type", and (3) "plan
    In addition, since it is sold on a "roContinue reading
  • Is it possible to sleep with a child (free of charge)? How old are you?

    Children can use existing bed.Co-sleeping is not included in the capacity.
    There is no age limit for those who sleep together.
    However, the Continue reading
  • How long does the cancellation fee start?

    It depends on each reservation site and planPlease check the reservation site.
  • Can I change my reservation?

    Yes, certainly.If you make a reservation from the internet site, please change the reservation according to the instructions of the reservedContinue reading
  • When will the payment be made?

    Payment will be made at check-in.(Prepaid)
  • What can I use other than cash when paying?

    You can use the following settlement method.
    Credit card:"Visa","Master","JCB"
    Smartphone payment:"Alipay","WeChat Pay"
  • Can I leave my luggage before check-in?

    Yes. It is possible.We will keep it from 8 o'clock on the day.(Excludes valuables)
    You can also keep it the day before.
    (Please send TakkyubContinue reading
  • Can you keep my luggage after check-in?

    Yes. It is possible.We will keep it even after check-in.(Excludes valuables)
    However, please pick up the item by 23:00 on the day of check-oContinue reading
  • Is it possible to check in before 15:00 because I arrive early?

    We will clean and prepare the room, so please do so after 15:00.However, luggage can be stored even before 15:00.
  • Is there a parking lot? Is it possible to make a reservation?

    Parking is by appointment only.(Reservations can be made by phone)
    It is located about 50 meters away from the hotel.(1500 yen / night)
    For Continue reading
  • Is there a parking lot on the premises?

    The parking lot is about 50 meters away from the hotel and is located along the road beside the hotel.(For 8 passenger compartments)
    Please Continue reading
  • When can the parking lot be parked? Is it possible to extend it?

    It is available from 11:00 am on the check-in date to 10:00 am on the check-out date.It cannot be used at other times.
  • Is there a place where I can smoke?

    We have a smoking space on the 3rd floor.
    Except for smoking areas, smoking is prohibited on the premises, including outdoors.
  • Is the bath indoors? Is it separate from the toilet?

    All rooms have baths in the guest rooms.
    Also, basically, the bath and toilet are independent.
    (However, "Queen Room" is excluded)
  • Do you have a coin laundry?

    Yes, it is in the common area on the 1st floor.
    Separate type of washing machine and dryer.
    If you need detergent, please ask the front deskContinue reading
  • I would like to send my parcel by Takkyubin in advance. Is it possible?

    Yes, certainly.
    When sending Takkyubin, there are two items that you should specify on the form.
    ①"Check-in date ",②. "Reservation name"
    PleContinue reading
  • I would like to ship my luggage from the hotel. Is it possible?

    Yes, certainly.
    However, it is "payment by Sagawa Express".
    In other cases, we can handle cases such as "Yamato Transport's round-trip flighContinue reading
  • Do I need to leave my room key when I go out?

    No, you don't have to deposit it.
    However, the entrance is locked from midnight to 6:00.
    When you go out, hold the room key over the designaContinue reading
  • Is there a curfew?

    We do not have curfew.
    However, the entrance is locked from midnight to 6:00.
    When returning after midnight, hold the room key over the desiContinue reading
  • Is there Wi-Fi?

    Wi-Fi is available.
    NURO Hikari for Wi-Fi is available and can be used free of charge in the facility and in guest rooms.
    Your ID and PASS wContinue reading
  • Is it okay to put an acquaintance who does not stay in the room?

    Please refrain from doing so.
    If it is unavoidable due to various reasons, please ask at the reception.If you enter without permission, it mContinue reading
  • Is there a convenience store or restaurant nearby?

    ○convenience store
    ・100 yen LAWSON(250M)

    ○Restaurants, etc.
    ・McDonald's/With drive-throuContinue reading
  • What are the amenities guest rooms?

    〇Indoor equipment and amenities
    Air conditioner,Wireless Wi-Fi,Toilet seat with washing function,Emergency light,Refrigerator(1 door),clotheContinue reading
  • Is there a vending machine in this facility?

    There is a drink vending machine in the common area on the 1st floor.
    We have installed a Coca-Cola mixing machine (there are also popular pContinue reading
  • Is the "bus stop" for Maihama Station

    Exit the hotel entrance lobby and you will be 50 meters on your left.(LAWSON front of Lawson)
    Please use the "Bus Timetable" in the lobby onContinue reading
  • What should I do if I forget something?

    Please call us first.We will confirm it immediately.
    If you find something left behind, we will hand it over to you in the following two wayContinue reading
  • Is it possible to stay for a long time such as one month?

    You can stay for a long time.
    Due to the system, long-term reservations cannot be made on the website.
    We would like to ask you for details,Continue reading

Reservation / Inquiry

If you have any questions, please contact us.