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Welcome to Kaike Onsen Fuyo Bekkan

★☆★ A little gift for customers who have made a reservation on the website ★☆★

■Target:1 night 2 meals / 1 night dinner reservation only
  ■Special Advantages:① One drink service at dinner(Adults only)
            ② One free private bath(Usually 50 minutes per pair:1,100 yen tax included)
           *There is only one private bath. Advance reservations are possible, please apply by phone.
           Since it is on a first-come-first-served basis, we may not be able to meet your request.
           Please understand.

★☆★ It has been extended again!  "# WeLove Sanin Campaign" 2021.3.1 to 5.31 ★☆★

■Those who live in Tottori and Shimane prefectures(Please show your ID)
    ■Period:From 2021.3.1 to 5.31 nights
    The campaign will end when GoTo Travel resumes   
■auxiliary:・Half price of accommodation price (up to 5,000 yen / person / night), half price of one-day hot spring price

*Please contact us in advance as we may refuse day trip hot springs.
 Please enter from 15:00 to 21:00 and leave from 22:00.

*You can also use the Tottori Prefecture Premium Coupon, which is limited to Tottori citizens.(Only shops in this facility)

For details, please check the site from the banner below.

Working on new coronavirus infection control

  • Kaike Onsen Safe sightseeing / eating area declaration facility

    Kaike Onsen, we are thoroughly implementing preventive measures against new coronavirus infections as a community so that our customers can use our facilities with peace of mind.

    Safe sightseeing / eating area declaration
    The "Safety Tourism / Eating and Drinking Area Declaration" is to create an area where you can enjoy sightseeing and eating and drinking with peace of mind in collaboration with groups of tourist destinations and restaurants that thoroughly prevent new coronavirus infections and prefectures and municipalities. It is an effort to do.

    We are working on infection prevention measures in accordance with the "Guidelines for Coronavirus Diseases".

【Yonago citizens】You can use Yonago Premium Gift Certificate!

Go To Travel Campaign◆Information on STAY NAVI◆Currently dormant

  • Please apply from STAY NAVI

    GoTo Travel Campaign When you have booked a discounted plan, GoTo Travel
    Campaign discounts are not applied.

    After making a reservation, go to the STAY NAVI service (external site) and get a discount on the GoTo Travel Campaign.
    Please complete the coupon issuance procedure.
    Go To Travel Campaign discount coupon number issued by STAY NAVI at the time of stay
    Discounts are available by presenting at the front desk.
    *We recommend that you print out the discount coupon and bring it with you.

Go To Travel Campaign◆STAYNAVI High-speed tour pass information◆

  • The STAYNAVI Expressway Tour Pass is a great deal!

    This service is available only to customers who have applied for GoTo Travel with STAY VAVI.

    Regarding the discount of the expressway tour pass, 70% of the same support amount as the accommodation fee is covered.
    Therefore, it cannot be used if the accommodation price has reached the upper limit of the support amount.

    Please check the campaign page for details.

Access / Sightseeing

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Hotel Name

Fuyo Bekkan


3-14-10 Kaikeonsen, Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture

Telephone number



car/10 minutes from Yonago IC Train / 20 minutes by bus from JR Yonago Station Airplane / 20 minutes by taxi from Yonago Airport, 45 minutes by bus via Yonago Station
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Please use the free parking lot

  • Free parking for 50 ordinary cars

    Large vehicles such as large buses and trucks and special vehicles are also available.

    It is also possible to use it before check-in and after check-out during the sea bathing season.
    Please be sure to contact the front desk.

    There is also a charging station for electric vehicles (1 unit).

About Fuyo Bekkan

  • Heartfelt hospitality

    A gentle time flows on the sandy beach Aomatsunohama...


    A memorable trip

    Valuing sincere hospitality.

Reservations / Inquiries

If you have any questions, please contact us.