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★ "," Customer Privileges for Reservations from the Website, ""★
(Only for 2 nights / night / dinner only)

Dinner one drink service (for adults only) & 1 private bath free (usually one set 50 minutes): 1,000 yen(tax excluded))

※Private baths can be booked in advance.
 Please note that it may not be available upon request.

Spend in a calm room, relaxing moments

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Hotel Name

Kaike Onsen, Fuyo Bekkan


3-14-10 Kaikeonsen, Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture

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10 minutes from car / Yonago IC, 20 minutes by train / JR Yonago Station bus, 20 minutes by airplane / Yonago Airport taxi, 45 minutes via Yonago Station
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About Fuyo Bekkan...

  • A sincere hospitality ---

    Gentle time flows to the beach of white sand awkward ...

    comfortably, Happily,

    It will remain memories of the trip forever

    Cherish your sincere hospitality.

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