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In case of food allergy or other food restriction

We can change food and its soup stock for ALLERGY ONLY.
The ALLERGY is meaning of※Specific 28 ALLERGIC FOODS ".

salmon roe,orange,cashew,kiwifruit,beef,walnut,sesame,salmon,mackerel,soy,
chicken, banana, pork, pine mushroom, peach, mountain yam, apple and gelatin.

But following foods.
-Seasoning containing flour or miso.
-Soup stock from bonito or seaweed.

Allergy-causing ingredients may get mixed in with any dish or menu item served in our restaurants.
We cannot take responsibility for the trouble.

Unique Onsen-taku and deep- Satsuma age (fried fishcake) front of your eyes.

“Onsen-taku” where the source springs, “Satsuma age (fried fishcake) fried” Satsuma age (fried fishcake) in front of your eyes, etc.
Not only the deliciousness of the dishes, but also a memorable time
We value the hospitality of GINSYOU.
  • A unique Onsen-taku springs from the source

    The dining table where you can enjoy your meal is the “Onsen-taku” where the source springs from the center.
    We devised not only delicious food but also a “memorable meal time”.
    To warm bamboo liquor or make hot spring eggs,
    It has been well received as an “unparalleled production”.
    Spend a leisurely time wrapping in the scent of a hot spring and a hot spring.
    • A source that springs before your eyes Memorable meal time

  • "Satsuma age (fried fishcake) Fried"Satsuma age (fried fishcake) in front of your eyes.

    For dinner, we offer “Satsuma age (fried fishcake) Fried” to all customers.
    Satsuma age (fried fishcake) age is a local Kagoshima dish made with surimi fish.
    It is an indispensable part of GINSYOU's meal, and it is also a product with many fans for repeaters.
    Please enjoy with special black vinegar sauce.
    • Freshly fried Freshly popular local cuisine

  • Multi-course meals with seasonal local ingredients

    Kagoshima, rich in nature, is a treasure trove of ingredients. Black Pork, Wagyu beef, and local chicken are famous throughout the country,
    A wide variety of agricultural products and delicious fresh seafood are also attractive.
    GINSYOU, Kagoshima's ingredients are served in colorful kaiseki cuisine.
    In order to enjoy the local cuisine of Kagoshima, of course,
    The chief chef will work hard. Basic kaiseki cuisine,
    The kaiseki cuisine, which incorporates Kagoshima's three brands of Black Beef, Black Pork, and red chicken, is also popular.
    • A delicious seafood from Kagoshima

  • "Breakfast" decorated with seasonal local ingredients

    Breakfast is a Japanese set with a reputation for “Satsuma-jiru (Satsuma-style miso soup)”, a local dish containing chicken and lots of vegetables.
    Please enjoy dishes that are kind to your body such as warm vegetables and yudofu.
    (In some busy seasons, information may be provided outside the Onsen-taku. Please understand)
    • Popular local cuisine and Satsuma-jiru (Satsuma-style miso soup) with plenty of chicken and vegetables