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Hotel Facilities

Freely and leisurely in your favorite way of life

  • Sandy beach in front of the eye, but the next door there is also Natural Sand Bath Onsen
    There is also a garden full of tropical atmosphere and a shop corner with souvenirs from Kagoshima and Ibusuki.
    Please use it.

A wide range of souvenirs from Kagoshima and Ibusuki"In-hotel shop"

Souvenir select both popular fun time Ibusuki specialty products

  • The shop on the 1st floor of the hotel has a large selection of popular souvenirs.
    We have a wide lineup of local sweets that are perfect as souvenirs, as well as shochu, processed products, and folk crafts.
    Ibusuki special products such as bonito and pickles are also popular.
    Please use it as a souvenir for your loved one.

Ginsyou Garden tropical atmosphere

At the observation deck and tropical plants Kinko Bay and Chiringashima Island

  • Ginsyou Garden is a symbol of the various vegetation typical of Kagoshima and Ibusuki southern country and the observation deck.
    The observation deck overlooks Kinko Bay and Chiringashima Island.
    Various hearts are hidden in the garden, so you can explore it with a feeling of exploration.
    It's a fun time. Please relax and feel the comfortable sea breeze.
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    32 hearts in the garden
    There are 32 hearts hidden in Ginsyou Garden.
    There are hearts that can be understood immediately, and there are hearts that are hidden secretly.
    Enjoy how many hearts you can find while taking a walk.