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  2. A trip proposed by GINSYOU

A trip proposed by GINSYOU

Let's go on a "couple trip".

A holiday for two people, away from everyday life.
A free-spirited trip that you can do because you are two people.
I can convey words of gratitude that I can't say because I'm usually shy
GINSYOU cherishes such a wonderful trip.
  • 1.A guest room with an open-air bath

    Enjoy the hot springs as you please
    Exclusive open-air bath overlooking the sea and sky

    For couples traveling, we recommend a room with an open-air bath.
    Enjoy the view of the sea and sky in front of you while enjoying the hot springs at your favorite time.
    You should be healed both physically and mentally by a different conversation and time.
    • Make cocktails with the feeling of a bartender
      We have prepared a bar counter and a cocktail set in the rooms of the private building with an open-air bath for couples.
      Cocktail recipes are also available, so why not feel like a bar in your room?
      A night spent alone with a cocktail made by hand. The conversation should bounce more.
    • Around the window ... Please enjoy a comfortable time.
      In a position where you can see the sea in your room
      We offer a space where you can relax and relax. (Depends on the room)
      Stretch your legs and relax while feeling a pleasant breeze.
      Why don't you go around the hot springs?
  • 2.A unique dining space where hot springs spring out Kagoshima's seasonal cuisine with various dishes

    We offer more memorable and enjoyable meals than anywhere else.
    Satsuma age (fried fishcake) in front of your eyes are also superb.

    Dinner is served from the center of the table at the hot Onsen-taku where hot springs.
    Most of the customers who are new to this rare production will be surprised.
    Hot spring eggs and bamboo liquor using the heat of hot springs are also popular.
    GINSYOU, not only the deliciousness of the dishes, but also memorable productions are important.
    • Delicious Satsuma age (fried fishcake)
      One of the specialties for dinner is deep- Satsuma age (fried fishcake) sweet potato Satsuma age (fried fishcake) in front of your eyes.
      One of Kagoshima's local dishes
      You can enjoy it even more delicious when it is fried.
    • Private room-style restaurant where you can spend time without worrying about the surroundings
      Supper is not a room meal because you use the Onsen-taku,
      A private room-style restaurant where you can relax without worrying about the surroundings.
  • 3.Sand Bath Hot Spring can be heard on the promenade where you can hear the sound of the waves at the tip of your eyes and nose

    Speaking of Ibusuki, “Sand Bath Onsen”
    On the beach, you can enjoy delicious morning coffee

    Only Natural Sand Bath Onsen in the world Saraku is a neighbor of GINSYOU
    If you walk along the seaside promenade, you can reach within minutes.
    Please enjoy the unique hot spring that warms from the core of your body
    • Please spend a fantastic time on the sandy beach.
      When stars and the moon float in the night sky,
      You can enjoy fantastic illumination at Ginsyou Garden and the sandy beach.
      While listening to the sound of waves with an important person and a lantern,
      Please spend a quiet time.
      (From 20:00 to 21: 30 / In rainy weather, on the 1st GINSYOU Hanare)
    • Morning coffee in the morning with BGM
      In the morning, the sandy beach in front of GINSYOU turns into a cafe.
      Although it is a simple cafe that only has a bench,
      The cup of coffee you drink while listening to the sound of the waves is exceptional.
      Please come after a meal.
      (8: 00-10: 00 / Canceled in case of rain)
  • Four.The private garden with a tropical atmosphere overlooking Kinko Bay and Chiringashima Island

    Looking at the sea or looking for a heart
    A garden where you can spend your time

    Ginsyou Garden tropical atmosphere.
    You can take a walk through a wide variety of plants.
    Also, a heart stone is hidden in the garden.
    Look for a walk.
    • 51 hearts to find, find and have fun
      Ginsyou Garden, 51 hearts are hidden.
      If there is a heart that can be understood immediately,
      There is also a heart hidden secretly.
      Enjoy how many hearts you can find while taking a walk.
    • Observation deck overlooking Chiringashima Island and Kinko Bay
      When enjoying a garden or seaside walk,
      To the observation deck overlooking Kinko Bay and Chiringashima Island.
      Just a little higher perspective from the ground,
      You can enjoy a pleasant view.
      Please look at the scenery that makes you want to take a deep breath.
  • Recommended spots in Ibusuki for couples

    • Chiringashima Island of Marriage connected by a Sand road
      Chiringashima Island is an uninhabited island in Kinko Bay.
      During high tide or mid tide low tide from March to October,
      A sandbar (sandbar) with Sand road length of about 800m appears and you can walk across it.
      Because it is an island connected to the land, it is also said to be Island of Marriage.
      The view from nearby Mt Uomidake is also recommended.
    • JR Japan's southernmost station overlooking Mt Kaimondake Nishi-Oyama Station
      JR Japan's southernmost station.
      A small unmanned station in the countryside overlooking Mt Kaimondake is in front of you.
      The rare yellow post is the color of rape blossoms, which is representative of Ibusuki.
      There are also people who post postcards to commemorate the trip as a post to carry happiness.
    • Many celebrities are Kamafuta Shirine
      A shrine that has long been known as the God of Take.
      Put the lid on the head,
      It is said that if you can walk from the torii to the money box, you will benefit from good luck and good luck.
      Recently, many celebrities such as athletes have also visited.
  • Colmn

    • Ibusuki where many couples visited in honeymoon
      Ibusuki is visited by many tourists from both inside and outside the prefecture.
      In fact, in the honeymoon boom from around 1960, it was also called "Oriental Hawaii".
      Many couples from all over the country visited. Ibusuki station is crowded with couples who went on their honeymoon,
      It was so popular that it was called “Ibusuki honeymoon”.
      Ibusuki has welcomed many happy couples,
      Please have a happy time with your loved ones.