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Enjoy a memorable journey with passionate hospitality.

GINSYOU is in Ibusuki City, the southernmost tip of Kagoshima and Satsuma Peninsula.
Rooms with open-air baths that are still few in Ibusuki,
One of the meals at the Onsen-taku spring table is the hot spring table.
  • Location

    If you go outside, you will find "Kinko Bay", which has been selected as Japan 100 scenic views.
    GINSYOU is a hot spring inn with an ocean view facing the sea.
    Speaking of Ibusuki, “Natural Sand Bath Onsen”, which is rare in the world, a warm climate that is easy to spend all year round,
    It is a popular tourist destination for tourists, blessed with the goodness of seamounts brought up by rich nature.
    Escape the hustle and bustle of the city with your loved ones and come on a journey to experience the extraordinary.

    The famous hot spring "Sand Bath Onsen" to Kagoshima and Ibusuki

    • “Natural Sand Bath Onsen Saraku”
      • Approximately 2 minutes walk on the promenade overlooking the sea
        The only Natural Sand Bath Onsen Saraku is the neighbor of GINSYOU in the world.
        We use abundant hot springs that spring naturally on the coast.
        As a memory of your trip to Ibusuki, please enjoy the Natural Sand Bath Onsen that can only be experienced here.
  • Hot Springs

    The hot spring that represents GINSYOU is the Infinity open-air bath "Tenku Open-air Bath" located on the 9th floor of the main building.
    It is a hot spring that shows various expressions depending on the season, weather and time.
    Please enjoy the mysterious feeling as if you were one with the sky and the sea.
    We named the men's bath "Haguregumo" and the women's bath "Ukigumo".
    From check-in until 23:30 in the evening and from 6:00 in the morning.

    A hot spring floating in the sky

  • Rooms

    GINSYOU has two main styles: general guest rooms and guest rooms with open-air baths. Various guest room types are available according to the scene.
    Rooms with an open-air bath that can occupy a hot spring are recommended for couples, especially for couples.
    Spend your time while looking out at the sea (Kinko Bay) and the sky in front of you.
    (There is no sea view from the city side guest room)

    A relaxing space overlooking the sea For special trips, some rooms have an open-air bath

  • Meal

    Enjoy your meal at the one and only "Onsen-taku" where the source springs from the center of the table.
    You can also warm your liquor in the hot springs and make hot spring eggs.
    The “Satsuma age (fried fishcake) Fried” Satsuma age (fried fishcake) in front of your eyes customers is also popular.
    Satsuma age (fried fishcake) is a popular souvenir for Kagoshima's local cuisine,
    Freshly fried is fresh. Please eat with special black vinegar sauce before cooling.

    A hot spring that springs up. Satsuma age (fried fishcake) fried in front of your eyes

  • Hospitality

    GINSYOU, “Nickori Ichiban” is our motto, and we care about detailed care.
    Please spend time from arrival to departure with your loved one.
    We will try our best to make your time in GINSYOU comfortable and a good memory.
    • Comfortable hospitality without leaving "Nikori Ichiban"
      • flower
        GINSYOU welcomes customers by decorating flowers throughout the facility and guest rooms.
        I hope you will feel the four seasons from the flowers you see in the moment, or you will feel relaxed.
      • Etoile
        When stars and the moon float in the night sky,
        You can enjoy fantastic illumination at Ginsyou Garden and the sandy beach.
        Spend a quiet moment while listening to the sound of waves with your loved one and a lantern.
        (From 20:00 to 21: 30 / In rainy weather, on the 1st GINSYOU Hanare)
      • Paper crane
        The cranes that welcome customers in the guest room have become one of the motifs that symbolize GINSYOU.
        Some customers have a slightly different shape of paper cranes to take home to commemorate their trip.
      • tea
        When you arrive at GINSYOU, first guide you to the lounge with a view of the sea.
        The service manager will greet you with green tea and enjoy it with tea confectionery.
      • Satsuma yaki wall painting
        A tropical flower that can be seen from the elevator.
        This is a large mural with a height of 18m, which is made up of about 800 White Satsuma Ware plates.
      • Cafe
        In the morning, the sandy beach in front of GINSYOU turns into a cafe.
        Although it is a simple cafe that only has a bench,
        The cup of coffee you drink while listening to the sound of the waves is exceptional.
        Please come after a meal.
        (8: 00-10: 00 / Canceled in case of rain)
      • garden
        Ginsyou Garden tropical atmosphere. You can take a walk through a wide variety of plants.
        Also, a heart stone is hidden in the garden.
        Look for a walk.