【Official】Urbain Hirosima Central

Business Hotel Urbain Hirosima Central 5-minute walk from the Hatchobori Station tram Hatchobori Station

Located in the Hatchobori area in the city center, it is conveniently located about 15 minutes by tram to Hiroshima Station and about 10 minutes to the airport bus center.The hotel has convenient access for both business and sightseeing.


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Hotel Name

Urbain Hirosima Central


5-20 Teppo Town, Naka Ward, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture

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JR Hiroshima Station, take a tram (for Miyajima Island, Eba, Koi, etc.) to "Hatchobori", 3 minutes walk, "Ebisucho", 7 minutes walk
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