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Frequently Asked Questions

  • About the tickets of the truck train

    ★Tickets for trolley trains can also be purchased in advance by substitute payment (※) at the hotel.Kurobe gorge We look at the time table oContinue reading
  • About parking lot usage

    ★The parking lot in front of the hotel can be parked by approximately 40 cars with normal car.(Including partial parallel parking)
    ★For trolContinue reading
  • About pick-up from the station

    ★Guests arriving by train (Toyama Chihou Railway) do a free pick-up from the station to the hotel.It would be greatly appreciated if you couContinue reading
  • Is there a non-smoking room?

    There are 4 non-smoking rooms.

    2017 Japanese-style room with Japanese Modern Japanese + Western-style room.We completely renewed the one flContinue reading
  • About the Internet environment

    You can use Wi-Fi throughout the building.
    (Wireless LAN card will not be rented so please bring it)
  • On-site facilities and facilities

    The hotel has 43 medium-sized facilities.Unfortunately we do not have a luxurious and stylish look like a famous large-scale inn, and good fContinue reading
  • Can I select one dish plan at a time?

    Unfortunately we can not.Although we have many plan available, we are asking for the same menu in the group basically for the plan of applicContinue reading
  • What is the difference between the rooms?

    Jalan net, 5 types of room types are available.We appreciate your understanding after understanding the features of each type.

    ★Special rooContinue reading
  • Do I need a deposit?

    In busy seasons such as GW, Bon Festival, Year-end and New Year holidays, consecutive holidays, reservation money (@ 5000 yen) may be receivContinue reading
  • Can I use the card for payment?

    You can use the card.※It is by the plan there is also plan not available.
    JCB. VISA. MASTER. DC. NICOS. AMEX etc, other available.
  • Is there a cancellation fee?

    If you cancel your reservation at your convenience, we will charge a cancellation fee as indicated on Jalan net from 3 days prior to the resContinue reading
  • About facilities and amenity of room

    ★All rooms are equipped with "refrigerator (computer type)" and "shower toilet".
    ★"Yukata" "Tange" "Towel" "Bath Towel" "Toothbrush Set" "CoContinue reading
  • What is the content of your child's meal?

    ★The picture is an example of a meal for children. Children treated as 50% of adult fare, we offer to children who wish only meals.
    ★ChildrContinue reading
  • Is meal a room meal? the time is?

    ★There are differences depending on the plan.Guests wishing to eat in room should apply at the plan dedicated to room meals.Basically 2 to 3Continue reading
  • What time should I arrive? Curfew?

    Please come by 19:30.In case of arrival after 18:00 please be sure to inform us.
    The curfew is 23:00.
  • Could you keep my luggage before check-in?

    Please keep in mind that we can keep you at the front desk.
    In the case of sending luggage in advance, please fill in "Delivery date" and "nContinue reading
  • About bath

    ★There is no change of gender or girl in the hotel's bath.Both men and women are open to public baths.It is available 24 hours, but from 10:Continue reading
  • What are the check-in and check-out times?

    ★Basically check in is at 15:00 and check out is at 10:00.However, there are differences depending on the plan, so be sure to check the planContinue reading
  • Can pets stay?

    ★Sorry to be truly excuse me, I will refuse to enter pet and pet animals inside the facility.Please stay with us in my car.
  • About mobile phone

    Docomo, au, SoftBank are generally available.
    , E-Mobile, Willcom, it may be unavailable depending on radio conditions, location.

  • I want to wear coloring Yukata

    Why do not you spend a little fashion with a beautiful coloring yukata?
    One female loan is OK with 1000 yen (tax included)! Please tell the Continue reading
  • Is there treatment of Takkyubin?

    There are handling of Yamato Transport, Yu Pack.
    We accept at the souvenir shop (from 15:00 to 22:00 from 7:00 to 10:00).
  • For the anniversary

    We can prepare the following on anniversary and celebration of the important one!
    Please apply directly by phone.0765-62-1331(Reception timeContinue reading
  • About massage

    After entering the hot spring, massage whole body of momi.
    ◎ We will visit your room.You can apply at the front desk on the day.DeContinue reading
  • About terrestrial digital TV correspondence

    Completed correspondence to digitalization of all rooms to digital broadcasting.
    Most of the rooms have TVs that support terrestrial digitalContinue reading

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