This facility is a participating accommodation company (GoTo Travel Business).

【Official】Hotel Otaki

A new breeze at business resort Kinugawa Onsen 

This facility is a business resort hotel without meals at Kinugawa Onsen.
It's a business hotel, but it's a tourist spot.
You can fully enjoy the private open-air bath full of resort feeling and the communal bath of an old folk house standing in the woods and gardens.
There are no easy meals, so you can choose from late check-in to early check-out.
It can be used in all forms from the night before the trip, the day of the trip, the family trip, to long-term business single use.
As the number of people increases with the room charge method, it becomes cheaper and more reasonable.

【Currently stopped】 About Goto campaign application

  • After making a reservation, you need to register for the STAY NAVI service.

    ▼To customers using the GoTo campaign▼
    *In the future, you may need an immunity passport.
    *If you are not sure, you will be able to take time at check-in time on the day.
    *Please make a reservation by cash or credit card payment locally.Advance payment is not possible.

    GoTo Travel Campaign Discount will not be applied when this plan reservation is completed.
    After making a reservation, please move to the STAY NAVI service below and complete the procedure.

    After issuing the coupon, you can apply the discount by presenting the issued coupon number at the front desk.
  • This facility is implementing the following new corona measures.

    ①【Cleaning, disinfection, ventilation in this facility】
    ・Regular cleaning, disinfection, and ventilation of common facilities such as front desks and elevators, and common areas where many people come into contact.
    ・Installation of disinfectant for hand disinfection in multiple places such as common spaces
    ②【About customers】
    ・Identity verification and temperature measurement for all at check-in
    ・Request for cooperation in wearing masks, washing hands and disinfecting hands in common spaces
    ③【Three Cs measures in this facility】
    ・Limit the number of users and secure sufficient space for shared facilities such as bathhouses and restaurants

    *【Employee measures】
    ・Temperature measurement when employees go to work,Daily physical condition management

Hotel Facilities

  • From the comics to the library

    A comics corner where you can enjoy more than 1,000 comics, paperbacks, magazines, etc. for free.
    A free massage chair is also provided.
    Adjacent to the lounge and vending machine corner, it is extremely easy to use.
    Books can be taken to your room for reading.
    When you return, please return the books you have used to their original locations.
  • Free lounge

    Lounge in the lobby area on the 1st floor.
    Free Wifi installation.
    The manga corner, vending machine corner, and amenities goods storage area are also adjacent.
    We are pursuing a comfortable feeling, so please feel free to relax.
  • A coffee space with a milk vending machine in the back of the lounge

    There is a milk vending machine in the back of the lounge.
    How about a quick drink of milk after taking a bath?
    A microwave oven and a hot water pot are also installed.
    Please do not hesitate to have your own meals and alcohol.
    You are welcome to bring in this facility.
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Google Map

Hotel Name

Hotel Otaki


155-1 Kinugawaonsentaki, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture

Telephone number



5 minutes by Dial Bus Tobu Kinugawa Onsen Station
Tohoku Expressway Utsunomiya IC > Nikko-Utsunomiya Road Imaichi IC > 25 minutes via National Route 121.
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