【Official】Hotel Otaki

Business resort, new wind to Kinugawa Onsen

This facility is a meal-free business resort hotel in Kinugawa Onsen.
It is a business hotel format, but it is a sightseeing spot.
Guests can enjoy the private outdoor bath full of resort feeling and the old private house public baths standing in the forest and garden.
Since there is no easy meal, you can freely stay from late check-in to early check-out.
You can use it for all forms from traveling front night and day trip, from family trip to long-term business single use.
As the number of people increases in the room charge method, it becomes cheaper and more reasonable.

Hotel Facilities

  • From manga to bunko Manga corner of mass collection

    Manga corner where you can enjoy more than 1,000 volumes of comics, books, magazines etc for free.
    A free massage chair is also installed.
    Because it is adjacent to lounge and vending machine corner, usability is outstanding.
    Books can be taken to the room and read.
    Please return the books you used to the original place on your way back.
  • Free lounge

    Lounge in the first floor lobby area.
    Free Wifi installation.
    Manga corner, vending machine corner, amenities goods storage area are also adjacent.
    We are pursuing a comfortable feeling, so do not hesitate to relax.
  • Coffee vending machine and milk vending machine in the back of the lounge

    There is a vending machine of Doutor coffee and a milk vending machine in the back of the lounge.
    You can enjoy coffee easily brewed.
    How about drinking milk once after the bath has risen?
    A microwave oven and hot water pot are also installed.
    Please do not hesitate to bring in your meal or alcohol, too.
    Bringing in this facility is also greatly appreciated.
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Hotel Name

Hotel Otaki


155-1 Kinugawaonsentaki, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture

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Get off at Tobu Kinugawa-Onsen Station 5 minutes by a Dial Bus.
Tohoku Expressway Utsunomiya IC>Nikko-Utsunomiya Road Imaichi IC>It is 25 minutes via National Route 121.
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