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Meal guide

This property is a business resort hotel without meals.
For dinner Sansantei (open only on Saturdays and consecutive holidays) and nearby restaurants.
There are also shops that will pick you up and deliver to your room.
Convenience store is also nearby.
Feel free to ask at the hotel front desk.
A meal map with map and telephone number is also available at the front desk.

For breakfast, you can use the breakfast buffet venue at the Kinugawa Plaza Hotel
You can apply for breakfast and pay for it at the front desk of the hotel.
We will send you to the sister building by the shuttle bus of this facility.
When returning, please ask at the front desk of the sister building or call the facility directly to pick you up.

*Please note that the sister building and nearby restaurants may be closed at this time.
  • Breakfast buffet venue

    For breakfast, please use the breakfast buffet venue at the Kinugawa Plaza Hotel

    Above all, from delicious freshly baked bread to obanzai Japanese food.
    Please enjoy eating fruits and desserts together.There is also a terrace seat with a view that allows you to fully enjoy the resort atmosphere.

    Business hours 7:00 to 9:00

    Please come to the front desk on the 1st floor of the hotel to apply.
    We will pick you up at our sister building by bus.
    At the front desk, please ask that you return to the facility when you pick up, or you can call the facility directly and we will pick you up.
  • On-site restaurant Sansantei

    Buffet type restaurant on site.
    Open only on Saturdays and consecutive holidays.
    Applications can be made at the hotel front desk after check-in.

    Business hours 18:00 to 21:00