During baseball, the number of parks is limited. Up to 22 multilevel parking lots and 8 flat parking lots. (35 rooms)
If the car is full, you are paying for the external parking lot yourself.
Please make sure to come after confirmation.
Business Hotel Ritz Koshien
Welcome to HOTEL RITZ 

【Official】Hotel Ritz Koshien

Hotel Ritz has reasonable rates and time settings in rooms with luxury luxury European furniture.

Koshien Stadium can Hotel families coming to Koshien Stadium, businessmen, women and couples, it is suitable for a wide range of needs.
The hotel is designated as a "Tsunami Evacuation Building" from the city as a building that is earthquake resistant and safe.
(In addition, please consult the front desk as the amount, system etc. will follow your request.)


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Business Hotel Ritz Koshien


Hyogo prefecture Nishinomiya city ​​Koshien Azu-cho 2-2

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5 minutes on foot from Hanshin Koshien Station, 3 minutes on foot from Koshien Stadium, 5 minutes by taxi from JR Koshienuguchi, 1 minute from Meishin Expressway Nishinomiya IC
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