Parking is limited during baseball.Up to 22 multi-storey car parks and 8 flat car parks.(35 rooms)
If it is full, you will have to pay for the external parking lot yourself.
hotel ritz koshien
Welcome to HOTEL RITZ 

【Official】hotel ritz koshien

In moments of relaxation, the Hotel stay more good things to

5 minutes walk from Koshien station.Access from Osaka and Kobe about 25 minutes.
convenience store,3 minutes walk to the coin laundry.
Koshien Stadium,Near LaLaport Koshien.

All guest rooms boasting 30 to 70 square meters are equipped with wi-fi and washlet toilets in the facility.
separate bathroom and toilet.

Luxury bed maker mattresses make you feel like you're floating above the clouds.
All single rooms are larger than a double bed, and you can have a luxurious sleep.

We have men's skincare, makeup remover, and lotion so that you can spend your time comfortably even if you have little luggage.
amenities is a disposable pouch for hygiene.We also accept additions.
All rooms are equipped with a brush dryer.Free rental of iron etc.(Disinfected)
Equipment for children is also available.

There are also popular restaurants and food courts nearby.Delivery and Uber Eats are also available in your room.

This facility has been designated as a “Tsunami Evacuation Building” by the city as a safe and earthquake-resistant building.

About new corona infectious disease measures <please read by all means>

  • To stay safely

    From the viewpoint of preventing conventional infectious diseases such as norovirus, we have performed such cleaning until now, but we are thoroughly disinfecting and cleaning aiming for medical grade.

    All guest rooms are ventilated with two vents, and the Rosnai ventilation fan provides efficient ventilation without changing the temperature of heating and cooling.
    The windows are large and can be opened and ventilated within a safe area.

    Breakfast can be served in a clean dining room or in-room.

    Please take off your footwear in all rooms and in the dirt floor.No shoes are allowed inside the room.
    The slippers are available as disinfected or disposable.

    Toilets and buses are separated by doors and are independent.

    Please help us to prevent the spread of new corona infections.


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hotel ritz koshien


2-2 Koshien Sudori Town, Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture

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5 minutes walk from Hanshin Koshien Station, 3 minutes walk from Koshien Stadium, 5 minutes by taxi from JR Koshienuguchi, 1 minute from Meishin Expressway Nishinomiya IC
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