To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, alcohol sprays have been installed at several locations in the venue and hotel.We also allow employees to wear masks.
A hotel where you can feel the historical romance of the Cretaceous strata

【Official】Inubohsaki Hotel

A cuisine boasting fresh seafood with a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean from all rooms.

Inubosaki is famous for being the “earliest sunrise in Japan”, and looks at the round horizon.
Inubohsaki Hotel is a hotel located on that hill.
Time to flow slowly in front of the chalk's Inubozaki Lighthouse, beautiful scenery,
Enjoy the fossil seawater natural hot spring Motoyu.

Accommodation reservation benefits

  • Reservation benefits from HP

    Thank you for using the Inubosaki Hotel's website.

    For customers who have booked accommodation from our website,
    You will receive an “In-facility use ticket” that you can use at the time of your stay as a hotel reservation benefit.

    1,000 yen use ticket inside this facility(1 per room)
    plus,A little present.
    *Children with existing beds are not included.

    "In-house voucher" can be used at lounges and shops.
    Please spend leisurely.

    *December 31 and January 1 to 3 are excluded.
    *Not attached to the trial plan without a meal plan

Recommended accommodation plan

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  • Banquet hall with a high-class atmosphere

    Corresponding from small group weddings only for relatives to large-scale weddings of up to 300 people.
    A layout that matches the style of a wide space.
    A main banquet room that can be coordinated by the two people.
  • Chapel with sea view

    The chapel Del Mare means "sea" in Italian.
    A chapel built in Inubosaki overlooking the Pacific Ocean
    The best location overlooking the beautiful sea based on marine blue that is united with the sea is attractive.
    It is lit up brilliantly at dusk, fascinating a more fantastic expression.
    Make a dramatic memory like a movie scene with Twilight Wedding.
  • Meal

    Cooking is an important thing that conveys gratitude to the invited guests.
    At our hotel, we carefully select ingredients, mainly local fresh seafood, seasonal vegetables, etc.
    We will prepare gorgeous dishes suitable for celebratory seats, one by one dish.

    An important day for the two of you.
    A traditional taste that uses fresh ingredients and makes every effort.
    Color your festive seats.
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Hotel Facilities

  • Kimigahama Lounge

    Enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the Pacific Ocean.
  • shop

    We have a variety of souvenirs for Choshi travel, including the specialty, Choshi Electric Railway"Moist Rice Cracker".
  • Seasonal dishes"Waso"

    Seasonal dishes"Waso"
    Enjoy a variety of dishes, such as single dishes, seasonal dishes, and seasonal dishes.
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Google Map

Hotel Name

Inubosaki Hotel


9574-1 Inubosaki, Choshi City, Chiba Prefecture

Telephone number



Transfer at JR Sobu Main Line Choshi Station,7 minutes on foot from Choshi Electric Railway Inubo Station.Approximately 60 minutes from Higashi Kanto Expressway Sawara Katori IC on the Higashi Kanto Expressway Sawara Katori IC.

Pick-up available (conditions)
Choshi Electric Railway【Inubo Station】Please call us after arrival.
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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.