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  • Banquet hall with high-class atmosphere

    We can accommodate small group weddings of only relatives to large-scale weddings of up to 300 people.
    With a layout that matches the style in a large space.
    A main banquet room that can realize the coordination you imagine.
  • Chapel with sea view

    Chapel Del Mare means "sea" in Italian.
    The chapel in Inubosaki overlooking the azure Pacific Ocean is
    The best location overlooking the beautiful sea based on the marine blue that is one with the sea is attractive.
    At dusk, it is brilliantly lit up and has a more fantastic look.
    Create dramatic memories like a movie scene with Twilight Wedding.
  • Meal

    Cooking is an important thing to thank all of our guests.
    At our hotel, we carefully select ingredients, mainly local fresh seafood and seasonal vegetables,
    We will prepare gorgeous dishes suitable for festive seats with a heart for each dish.

    An important day for the two of you.
    A traditional flavor made with fresh ingredients and made with heart.
    Brilliantly decorate your seats.

    The best hospitality that conveys the gratitude of the two