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Overnight Stay Plan

  • Ideal for long-term stays such as businessmen! What a dinner & breakfast included 6800 yen! Even one night is OK

    If you want to enjoy business and traveling reasonably, do not have to worry about dinner every day! It is a great plan for long-term stays.
    For dinner, you can have dinner and breakfast and enjoy "Sashimi Restaurant Kawacho" cuisine.
    Business hContinue reading
    Room rate
    From ¥ 6,296
  • No meal plan for business

    It is a meal-free plan without meals.
    Dinner is available with the restaurant so you can order from the menu.
    (Please understand that you can not use restaurant on orders for O and B New holidays on that day.)
    (2 weeks from 5/7 to 5/20 is a busiContinue reading
    Room rate
    From 4, 166
  • ★Enjoy delicious fish dishes with all - you - can - drink (2 hours)!

    Because it is cooked according to the meal time by utilizing it to catch fish and seafood, "Kawacho" cuisine is delicious! And reputation☆
    This plan has an all-you-can-drink for two hours (※).
    Together with your favorite delicious liquor, on thiContinue reading
    Room rate
    ¥ 9,259
  • plan with Dolphin Watching

    plan with two meals per night and Dolphin Watching ship.Tsujishima, Itsuwa Town, Amakusa boat leaves from Tsujishima, Itsuwa Town, Amakusa.
    (30 minutes by car from the hotel).You can choose watching on the day of stay or the next day.Look at theContinue reading
    Room rate
    ¥ 10,555