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【Official】Kinosaki Onsen Matsuya

Ryokan Matsuya

Notice of closure due to ryokan renovation work

Thank you very much for using Kinosaki Onsen Ryokan Matsuya.

We regret to inform you that our inn will be closed from September 1st (Friday) to October 31st (Tuesday), 2023 due to renovation work.
We will continue to operate from November 1st onwards, with some (lobby) construction underway.
We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your understanding.

We appreciate your continued patronage even after the renovation.

A perfect location where you can see the number one outdoor bath, which can be said to be the representative of Kinosaki Onsen, right in front of you.The meal is a multi-course kaiseki meal prepared by a chef with great care."Sincerity and kindness" is our motto.Wi-Fi Available,Free Parking
The facility is "Ichinoyu", Yanagi-yu is also right in front!
Rows of willow trees, is crowded with people who enjoy visiting the outdoor hot springs in yukata even at dusk.

~Relax in the elegant town, walk around the city! ~

Opened Opening of a hot spring 1400 years.
Kinosaki Onsen has a rich history of history.

We offer our heartfelt hospitality as an inn where you can enjoy the taste of Kinosaki and the atmosphere full of atmosphere overlooking Daiya River, which reflects the four seasons.


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Kinosaki Onsen Matsuya


370 Yushima, Kinosaki Town Toyooka City

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7 minutes walk from Kinosaki Onsen Station, 40 minutes by National Route 312 from Kitakinki Toyo-oka Expressway, Hidaka-Kannabekogen IC

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