【Official】Shirako New Seaside Hotel

The New Seaside Hotel Minami Kujukuri Shirako Onsen, Chiba Prefecture, is boast of an open-air bath and plenty of seafood.

The view of Pacific Ocean from the observation bath is spectacular!

Kanei Group common "1 beer (medium bottle) free ticket" gift

  • Receive a supplementary ticket when you use Kanei Group facilities! If you collect 2 pieces, you will receive a free bottle of beer (medium bottle)!

    <Target usage details>

    Hotel New Kanei/Shirako Seaside Hotel/Hotel Hakuyo 1 night dinner & breakfast price
    8,000 yen (excluding tax) or more

    Shirakoso 1 night dinner and breakfast price
    6,800 yen (excluding tax) or more


  • When you book your stay through this site, you will receive two benefits!

    ① One drink service with dinner!
    (soft drink or alcohol)※It is limited to the plan with dinner.

    ② Receive a one-day hot spring ticket that can be used next time!
    ※Towels are not included in the service.

    ※We apologize for the inconvenience, but please present a printout of the "Top Page" or "General (Accommodation Reservation) Page" or the screen of your smartphone when you visit.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the facility!

    If you have a wireless LAN internal computer, a smartphone and a tablet terminal,
    You can use the comfortable Internet connection service with Wi-Fi.
    Please use for business use and search of tourist information.

Introducing Kanei Group accommodations!

  • Please enjoy Shirako Resort to your heart's content at five hotels in the Kanei Group.

    A seafood-rich dish, a spectacular rooftop open-air bath, and a multipurpose ground where fresh sweat is poured.

    It is a number of devices for you to enjoy the warm Shirako Resort from the heart throughout the year.

    The Kanei Group inn offers a wide range of facilities and facilities beyond the boundaries of the inn.


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