【Official】Shirako New Seaside Hotel

The New Seaside Hotel Minami Kujukuri Shirako Onsen, Chiba Prefecture, is boast of an open-air bath and plenty of seafood.

The Pacific Ocean from the perspective bath is a superb view!

Kanei Group Common "Beer(Middle bottle)One service ticket "present

  • We present support ticket by use of Kanei Group each building! Collect 2 pieces and serve 1 bottle of beer (middle bottle)!

    <Target usage details>

    Hotel New Kanei/ Shirako Seaside Hotel/ Hotel Hakuyo 1 night dinner & breakfast price
    8,000 yen(Tax excluded)that's all

    Shirakoso 1 night dinner and breakfast price
    6,800 yen(Tax excluded)that's all


  • Book a stay from this site and save on 2 benefits!

    1 For dinner One drink service!
    (Soft drink or liquor)※It is limited to the plan with dinner.

    The next day hot spring ticket present that can be used!
    ※Towels are not covered by the service.

    ※Sorry for your inconvenience, but please present the screen such as what printed the "Top Page" or the "General (Reserved reservation) page" at the time of your visit
  • Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the property!

    If you have a wireless LAN internal computer, a smartphone and a tablet terminal,
    You can use the comfortable Internet connection service with Wi-Fi.
    Please use for business use and search of tourist information.

Introduce the Kanei Group lodgings!

  • Please enjoy Shirako Resort to your heart's content at five hotels in the Kanei Group.

    A seafood-rich dish, a spectacular rooftop open-air bath, and a multipurpose ground where fresh sweat is poured.

    It is a number of devices for you to enjoy the warm Shirako Resort from the heart throughout the year.

    The Kanei Group inn offers a wide range of facilities and facilities beyond the boundaries of the inn.


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