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tourist information

It is full of spots that can be enjoyed by children and the elderly. Please use it for the Boso travel plan.

Introduction of neighboring tourist spots

  • Recommended tourist spots

    • Minamiboso Flower Picking

      Early spring in Minamiboso, you can enjoy picking flowers from January to May
    • Shirako Sakura

      Early blooming cherry blossoms blooming along the seafront. It can be enjoyed from the end of February to the middle of March.
    • Nabakigawa Promenade

      The promenade on both sides of the Nabaki River a walking course where you can enjoy a variety of views each season.
    • Mobara Park

      A park selected as Japan's Top 100 Cherry Blossom Viewing Sites. In April, 2,000 cherry trees planted in the park are in full bloom.
    • Tulip Festival

      In the "Hana no Hiroba" next to the government office, you can see some 73,000 tulip fields in early April.
    • Squid hunting

      From early March to late August, you can enjoy the sea lion hunting.
    • Dolphin and whale watch

      Stretch out a bit and go to Minamiboso. You can also enjoy dolphin and whale watching from April to December.
    • Hattori Farm Ajisai Yashiki

      A farm with 150 species and 10,000 shares of hydrangea blooming on the slopes of the mountain. Opened according to the flowering time from June to July.
    • Beach

      In summer, the sea of Shirako is full of beach umbrella flowers and is very popular among bathers.
    • Nabaki River Ikada Nobori (raft ride)

      Every July, a rare competition is held that goes back to the river with handmade Ikada.
    • Shirako Town Nature Park

      There are many ways to enjoy playing baseball, tennis, fishing and cycling here.
    • Shirako Shrine

      As the god of marriage, it is also known as a cherry blossom landmark.
    • Gerbera Danchi

      A glasshouse cultivation plant that produces 6 million bottles a year. We carry out visits and direct sales throughout the year.
    • Museum of History and Folk

      Farming and fishing equipment, old household items and festival shrines are on display.
    • Moriya Brewery

      Local sake maker in Chiba. It is possible to visit sake breweries and tasting (reservation required).
    • Sugahara Glassworks

      Glass craftsman. Glass production experience classroom (reservation required) is performed.