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    Shirako New Seaside Hotel boasts creative cuisine with plenty of seafood.
    Please enjoy such excellent cuisine to enjoy the colors of the four seasons with your eyes and tongue!

    Special dishes include Japanese Spiny Lobster, abalone and hearty delicacies.
    Please enjoy the taste of the trip with the delicious taste of this facility.
  • Special Dishes

    Please let us know while making your reservation.

    ・Strong (5 people)
     10,000 yen (Tax excluded)

    ・Grilled clam
     1,500 yen (Tax excluded)

    ・Sashimi of Japanese Spiny Lobster
     3,000 yen (Tax excluded)

    ・Sazae grilled salmon
     1,500 yen (Tax excluded)

    ・Sazae sashimi
     1,500 yen (Tax excluded)

    ・Sashimi (3 people)
     5,000 yen (Tax excluded)

    ・Abalone sashimi
     3,000 yen (Tax excluded)
  • About meals

     Guidance time/Around 18:00

    Seafood-centered dishes are served in the restaurant or in the rooms.
    At dinner time, one drink will be provided for children below elementary school.

     Guidance time/7:30 to 9:00

    A hearty and delicious breakfast is served in a buffet style at the restaurant.

    ※Meal place varies according to plan.