*We would like to ask our guests for their cooperation in preventing infection with the new coronavirus.
Hotel overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the center of Tokunoshima

【Official】Hotel Grand Ocean Resort

[To customers Important notice】

◎Notice of change in restaurant business hours
  From 2024/01/01 Enjoy your dinner time.
  21:00 Last order 21:30 Closed.

◎Notice from the restaurant on the 2nd floor:The seating at the Japanese restaurant "Umikaze" has been changed from tatami rooms to tables and chairs.(December 2020)

◎ For customers who make a reservation from the Internet
 For plan that do not have "smoking" or "non-smoking", reservations will be reflected at random.Please contact the hotel directly if you wish to specify it.Depending on the availability of seats, we may not be able to meet your request.

Hotel Facilities

  • *Laundry 24 hours operation Detergent sold at the front desk

    *Coin laundry in this facility
     Washing machine・ ・ ・2 units
     Dryer machine・ ・ ・2 units

     Since the dryer is electric, it takes over an hour and a half to completely dry the clothes.
     If you are in a hurry, please use the coin laundry near the facility.
    ★Nearby coin laundry★
      ① Coin laundry Koei 30 seconds on foot (Exit the front entrance of the hotel and turn left.)
      ② White Pier 3 minutes on foot (Exit the front entrance of the hotel and turn right)

  • Karaoke kanmore

    1 room 1 hour from 1,500 yen

    ■Contact information
     0997-83-1118 (Evening-22:00)
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Hotel Name

Hotel Grand Ocean Resort


7510 Kametsu, Tokunoshima Town, Oshima County, Kagoshima Prefecture

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About 40 minutes by car from Tokunoshima Airport, 10 minutes on foot from Kametoku New Port
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