【Official】Kyomu no Yado Yamaboshi Spa Hotel

Welcome to the Yamaboshi.

The time of relaxation flows in the world of silence surrounded by rich nature
There is a "Yamaboshi" that doesn't decorate warmly as if you came back to your hometown.

Accommodation Features

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Hotel Name

Kyomu no Yado, Yamaboshi


832 Hitoegane, Okuhida Onsengo, Takayama City

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It is 70 minutes by car than Nagano Road Matsumoto IC. 60 minutes by car from Chubu Jukan Expressway Takayama IC.

Pick-up presence (condition)
We accept transfers to Shinhotaka Ropeway.Please make a reservation in advance.
We can pick you up from 15:00 to 17:00 on the day of your stay.
If you would like to have it delivered the day after your stay, we can receive it between 8:30 and 10:00.
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  • ≡ The reservation is accepted until "November 30, Heisei 30" ≡

       ▲ Kamikochi·Norikura Skyline passable period ▼

       "Kamikochi" bus passable *11/15 scheduled to be closed

       "Norikura Skyline" closed in winter *Scheduled to open on 5/15
  • ≡ For those coming by private car ≡

    Kamikochi / Norikura Skyline regulates my car, I can not pass cars with private cars (including motorcycles).

    The shuttle bus to Kamikochi departs from the Akandana Parking Lot (600 yen per day for regular cars), so we recommend using it from here.

    The shuttle bus bound for Norikura Skyline (Norikura Tatamidaira) departs from the Honokidaira Parking Lot (free of charge), so we recommend using this bus.

    If you park at Akandana Parking Lot, take the shuttle bus to “Hirayu Bus Terminal”, then change to the bus bound for “Norikura Skyline (Norikura Tatamidaira)”.

In-house information

Private Open Air Bath

  • ≡ Utilizing charter for free without feeling nature of Oku Hida without reservation ≡

    Enjoy the quiet mountain hot springs to your heart's content while gazing at the beautiful nature that changes with the seasons.Private outdoor bath can be entered at any time without reservation, it locks into the tender as it locks in use, so it becomes fully private space.

Guestroom with Semi Open Air Bath

6 types of rooms

  • ≡ There is Irori-no-ma in all rooms, relaxing space ≡

    There are 6 types of rooms in all 10 rooms.

    ◆Yamabudo(Yamabudo):18 sqm Western-style room & hearth room & semi-open-air bath
    ◆Shakunage(Shakunage):18 sqm Japanese-style room & hearth room & semi-open-air bath
    ◆Ajisai(hydrangea):Two rooms (15 square meters & 15 square meters) between the Japanese-style room and the hearth
    ◆Fukujuso(Fukujyuso):29 square meters of Japanese-style room + Western-style room & hearth
    ◆Nadeshiko ・ Rindo(Nadeshiko / Rindo):18 square meters & hearth room
    ◆Yomogi ・Fuki ・Azami ・ Fuji(Yomogi, butterbur, Azami, wisteria):15 square meters & hearth room

Private room restaurant with furnace end

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