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Surrounding tourism

  • Nearby hotel spot

    • Taruma Waterfall

      Recommended spot of Shinhirayu Onsen along the clear stream and Hirayu (Momomogawa) which is a 5-minute walk from the hotel.
      Within the park, in addition overflowing than halfway up the mountain Oku Hida the famous Taruma Water of the Oku Hida dripping of Taruma waterfall", Square and walking paths that are colored by seasonal flowers, immediately beneath the Hirayu River (Mozu also river) There are also abundant ways of enjoying nature such as Sabo tunnel passing through Sabo Tunnel and Taruma Water, Oku Hida · Hirayu, you can spend a relaxing time as a heartwarming.In addition, there is a company of hair recipient (Nodame no Yashiro) that worshiped the god of marriage in one corner of the Shinsui Park.
  • Okuhida Onsen Go sightseeing

    • Shinhotaka Ropeway

      It is the only two-story gondola in Japan and you can feel free to visit the observatory with altitude of 2.156 m.The facial expressions that the mountains show will change according to the season.Please enjoy the large panorama posted as two stars in "Michelin · Green Guide · Japon".It is about 15 minutes by car from the hotel.
    • Okuhida BEAR'S PARK

      Around the background of the North Alps nature, over 100 rings and bears, brown bears are released.It is a pleasant new Oku Hida's new sight.The bear 's show to be held every day is getting popular.It is approximately five minutes by car from the hotel.
    • ** Closed on October 31, Heisei 28 **

      Hirayu Otaki

      Hirayu Otaki a magnificent scale of 6 m in width and 54 m in height.The waterfall that flows almost vertically has a style that is suitable for calling it a superb view.One hundred Japan's famous waterfall is famous.In the winter the waterfall freezes and you can see the illuminated spectacle that is lighted up.It is approximately 20 minutes by car from the hotel.
    • Taruma Ka Ne Kori Light Up

      Waterfall of famous water "water of Taruma in the new Hirayu is frozen, it exudes a write-up is fantastic landscape.Please enjoy the beautiful and mysterious landscape weaving nature.During the special event period, demonstrations of local arts and Ema City will be held.(Late December to late February) (Provide photos:Shinhirayu Onsen Tourism Association)
  • Sightseeing around Hida Takayama

    • Kamikochi

      A mountain scenic spot with an altitude of 1,500 m.You can enjoy the natural as it is, such as the appearance of Hodaka mountain peak reflected in Taisho pond.About 15 minutes by car from the hotel, about 30 minutes transfer at Hirayu Bus Terminal.※Please use the Akandana parking lot (15 minutes by car from the hotel) in case of a car in order to implement the car regulation from 2003.
    • Norikura Skyline

      Mountain sightseeing road that can rise to the highest in Japan.The view of the mountain ranch and Hotaka mountain ranges rising to the side of the sea of ​​clouds gives the viewer a generous impression.※In order to implement the regulation of the car from 2003, please use the Honokinaki parking lot (20 minutes by car from the hotel) in case of the car.(Provide photos:Hida Norikura Tourist Association)
    • Hida, Takayama

      Kyoto of Gifu·Hida Takayama. It is a town where you can meet nostalgic landscapes such as old townscape, Takayama Jinya, morning market and so on, located about ten minutes on foot from Takayama station.For the Takayama festival held twice in the spring (4/14 to 15) and autumn (10/9 to 10), many people visit a glimpse of a luxurious garlic stall.It is approximately 60 minutes by car from the hotel.
    • Gattan Go!!

      "Gattan Go!!!" Is a combination of mountain bike and railroad track after railroad track, a new sense of ride.
      Running on the railway rail by bicycle, we can ride through the railway track while feeling the vibration and sound of the rail seam which we can not experience in cycling.
      40 minutes by car from the hotel.
    • Hida Furukawa

      Hida Hida Furukawa known as another old townscape remaining in Hida Furukawa.
      Cozy and tasteful city streets are perfect for a walk.
      Please enjoy the pleasures of walking around in the leisurely while visiting the mood.
      It is 80 minutes by car from the hotel.
  • Four seasons of Oku Hida

    • Autumn's Hirayu Pass

      Even when you see three-stage autumn leaves of snow × autumn leaves × green
    • Ide-yu Festival

      Shinhirayu Onsen, a summer feature held every year at the Kamimei Shrine grounds in the center of Shinhirayu from the beginning of August to the middle of August.
      In addition to the local arts such as "chicken tray", "treasure drum" "buddha lion", the city "Ema City" of the lucky paper ema praying for disease-free life, traffic safety, passing prayer, prosperous business etc. are carried out.