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Seafood cuisine in the sea of ​​the Sea, centered on fresh "seafood"

We carefully utilized the natural grace of the Sanin in every dish decorating the table.
Even the kitchen knife and rich seafood, Yamanoyuki together with the poetry of the Sanin, will make the memories of the trip happy.
  • Many Crab Dishes Kaiseki Meal

  • Kyoen Kaiseki Meal

  • Japanese Kaiseki Cuisine served in an oke (Japanese wooden container)

  • Kaiseki cuisine in the center "Seafood"

How to eat delicious crabs

Kaike born, how to eat the delicious Kaike bred Ryokan Mitsui founder to teach

For those who wish, the staff will tell you how to eat more on the day.
  • 1. One crab is prepared

  • 2. Remove the shell and put crab miso

  • 3. Disassemble the crab and add a crab to the shell

  • Four. Combine crab miso and crab and prepare soy sauce.