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Overnight Stay Plan

Hotel Plan List

  • Luxurious Luxury【Abalone & Little Crab &Japanese Spiny Lobster& Selection 5 Types Sashimi Quartet】Farewell party food ☆Meals in Room☆

    ◇ feast···It says a party for entertaining customers ◇

    Bother everything! Stomach! Come in! Please enjoy!
    Honorable hospitality at our hotel which condensed to the highest!

    ☆ Please choose! Not all, it's all ☆
    "Abalone steak" "Boiled salmon" "Continue reading
    Room rate
    From 14,040 yen for one person
  • Your Choice of Food【Abalone · Little crab · Japanese Spiny Lobster】&【Sashimi with sashimi】Kaiseki Meal, "Room Food"

    【Period】From Thursday, October 06, 2016 to Sep. 30, 2018 (Sun)◇ I listen to boat well, but "Tub of prime"? ◇

    Fresh seafood caught in Sakai Minato, Tottori Prefecture · Oki, Shimane Prefecture, the island of Oki, Shimane Prefecture
    The figure Continue reading
    Room rate
    From 8,640 yen per person
  • Extravagant Sanctuary "Crab Exhaustation Kaiseki", "Room Food"

    【Period】From Thursday, October 06, 2016 to Sep. 30, 2018 (Sun)◇ crab! crab! crab! Even just that ... ◇

    Sakai Minato, Tottori Prefecture is the largest landing amount of crabs in Japan!
    Even this! The figure that lined up at the table as soon asContinue reading
    Room rate
    From 11,880 yen per person
  • Easy to chief chef's choice【Mini-party meal】Meal in Dining Hall★With a roundtrip benefit★

    【Period】Friday, March 03, 2017 to Sep 30 th (Sunday) 2018◇ Two meals firmly! Your wallet-friendly plan ◇

    Dinner & breakfast included but as reasonably reasonable as possible for lodging costs
    It is a must-see for customers who do not want to beContinue reading
    Room rate
    From 6,480 yen per person