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Please enjoy the taste of Mt Takayama while sipping local sake through the hearth.

Tone of charcoal and scent of charcoal.A landscape of the hearth that feels nostalgia somewhere.For charcoal grilling, there are many local cuisines such as steamed rockfish grown in clear stream, handmade Gohei Mochi, shabu shabu of Hida Beef boasted by Gifu prefecture, tempura of seasonal wild vegetables, steamed rice crumbs of mushroom fragrant.For those who want to enjoy the meat further, we also offer thick satisfied "Hida Beef Steak" (※ with Hida wine half bottle).
For a variety of dinners that surround the hearth and eat it, you can enjoy the unexpected relaxation.

Enjoy Gifu's "delicious"

"Husband" who is also the board manager of the hotel has built up the taste of passion that does not allow compromise by training at various inns."Delicious" is from the material.Please enjoy the carefully selected materials and gems using seasonal ingredients.
  • Menu example

  • Melting Hida beef shabu-shabu

    When you put it in your mouth I feel the taste of melting Hida Beef that melts.Mt Takayama's S grade gourmet Hida Beef shabu-shabu please enjoy with those who are important.
  • Charcoal grill of rocky fish baked over charcoal fire

    Baked up rocky fish brought up by Mt Takayama's clear stream carefully with charcoal fire, the skin was palette, and the body was deliciously deliciously delicious.Please also enjoy hand-made Gohei Mochi with miso flavor together.Children are very popular.
  • Gifu Specialty “channel catfish”

    "Amur Catfish" is fresh pasture sashimi.You can enjoy a crispy texture and a pale white soft taste.

Bespoke food

We offer bespoke dishes using local ingredients.Please enjoy the taste of deep Gifu happily on this occasion.
  • ■Grilled matsutake

  • ■Matsutake mushroom pot

  • ■Matsutake Mushroom and Japanese Broth Steamed in a Hot Pot

    ※Also in the standard
  • ■Hida Beef Steak

  • ■Children's plate