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Mt Takayama found

Mt Takayama found

  • Tourist attractions

    • Morning market(Morning market along Miyagawa 30 minutes on foot/Jinyamae Hiroba 25 mins walk)

      Two morning markets, Jinyamae Hiroba and Miyagawa.There are various kinds of fun every season, such as fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers.You can listen to the rustic exchange of ladies in monkey form, pure "Hida Kotoba (Hida Dialect)".
      Summer time from 06:00 to 12:00, Winter 07: 00-12: 00
    • Old townscape(Country selection Important Traditional building County conservation area)(About 25 minutes on foot)

      Together with the city center of the castle town, the streets of Uemachi and Shimocho streets developed as Kobitocho, they are called "Old townscape".Water is flowing in the eaves under the bridge, and the building has a cedar leaf which is said to be a signboard "Sake Bayashi" falling down, Ooto of a town house and goodwill of a long-established store are connected.
    • Hida No Sato(Approximately 10 minutes on foot)

      Hida No Sato is a living museum that collects and preserves old houses and folk implements in the Hida Area, including the rulership of Gassho in the rich nature of Satoyama at the foot of the mountain.
    • Memories experience hall(About 5 minutes on foot)

      Hidatakayama Crafts Experience Center is an experienced facility.In the three corner of Folk Craft Corner, Glass Corner, Eco Corner, you can enjoy more than 15 kinds of experiences without appointment, such as chicken embossing, glasswork, my chopsticks / my chopsticks bag, pressed candles, Hakurei work, Sake-choaki, beads work etc. .
    • Takayama Jinya(About 25 minutes on foot)

      At the end of the Tokugawa period, this Takayama Jinya only building in the county / decorative office that is said to have 60 places all over the country.It is the ruins where the building exists only in the whole country, and it was designated as a national historic site in the Showa 4 year.
  • Ski Resort

    • Hida Funayama Snow Resort Arkopia (about 35 minutes by car)

      The slopes, where all eight course were laid out, were installed from the champion course to the kids' slopes according to the needs of visitors.There is also a leisurely skate course in the family.
    • Hidatakayama Ski Resort (about 60 minutes by car)

      The slopes are composed of the first and intermediate grade centers and are popular with family skiers.Annual "Ski Class for Kids and Parents" is very popular with free attendance.In addition, the superb view from the summit of the Mt Kabuto summit is also great. You can enjoy more by utilizing "Momi-no-Ki Rodge" which is open as a free rest area and change room.