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Hot Springs

Hidatakayama Onsen

The snow in the North Alps alps melts, taking a long time to sink into the basement,
It became a grace of a hot spring at Hidatakayama.
That is exactly a blessing.
Tempered hot water smoothes your skin.
  • Private Bath(Family bath)

    In Murayama where many families use it, you can relax and enjoy the hot spring with family without any hesitation.
    ※No time system · Please use it for free time.
  • Female bath

    There is a separate women bath in the washing room, who also cared about privacy.Of course the hot water is a hot spring.When you bring your hands close to the spa overflowing from the gate, you can understand the quality of the liquid.

  • Male bath

    Male bath featuring spacious bathtub.It is healed by the hot springs warming from the core of the body and the wall of the modern mosaic.

Hot Springs

Hidatakayama Onsen

Private Bath

There(No condition)

Number of baths

"Outdoor bath] Man: 0 Female: 0 Mixed Bath: 0
[Inner bath] Man: 1 Female: 1 Mixed Bath: 0
[sauna] Man: 0 Female: 0 Mixed Bath: 0

Bath Terms of Use

Please use private bath for 2 people or more.
Usage time from 16: 00 to 22: 30, 6: 00 to 9: 00.

Onsen tax

Hotspring tax adult 150 yen separately.


Neuralgia, muscle pain, Arthralgia, Frozen, Joint stiffness, A bunch, Awkward, Chronic firefighting disease, Coldness, Recovery period after illness, Recovery from fatigue, Health Promotion

Hot Spring Qualities

Simple hot spring(Weak alkaline hypotonic low spa)

Source name

Matsukura Yunoyama Hot Springs