Aizu Higashiyama Onsen"Shousuke no Yado Taki-no-yu Special Room Building", HANARE, MATSUSHIMAKAKU, Special site


Hanare Matsushima-kaku

Green spreading through the window
Healing feeling full of body Feel comfortable Nature's breath
Heals "Kokoro" and "Body" "Tsuraida"
Ten thousand three hundred years, Founding 130 years "Yuyado" healing a lot of travelers since ancient times
From the daily hustle and bustle,
Why do not you spend your lavish free time?

Lush greenery fills the windows, calm breezes soothe your entire body, and the rhythms of nature gently envelop you. The facilities of Hanare Matsushima-kaku are designed to please both body and mind.
These hot springs were first established 1,300 years ago, this hotel 130 years ago. Our hot spring resort has served countless travelers since days past, so get away from the bustle of day-to-day living and spend some time in luxurious freedom at our hot spring resort.


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107 Yumoto Takinoyu, Higashiyama Town, Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture

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【Train / bus】Approximately 15 minutes by taxi or bus from JR Aizuwakamatsu Station"Car"Ban-etsu Expressway "Aizuwakamatsu IC" Approximately 15 minutes Reservation required(Pickup)

Pick-up presence (condition)
We will pick you up at Aizu-Wakamatsu Station.Please contact us in advance.
plan that include a pick-up service.
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