【Official】Tsuki-no-Sumika Atami Juraku Hotel

Welcome to Tsuki-no-Sumika Atami Juraku Hotel

We are greeted by a hill-inn hotel “Hospitality Friendly to People” and a Seasonal Kaiseki Japanese Cuisine 3-minute walk from Atami Station.
Leave the daily hustle and keep the wings of the heart and body.


  • Front desk lounge

    Front desk incorporating smart check-in.
    Enjoy a cup of tea in the lounge during your check-in process.
    Please enjoy it.At various locations in the front desk lobby,
    A small rabbit is greeting you gently.

    Check-in is at the facility's spectacular lounge overlooking the ocean.
    Take a breath of tiredness of your trip, please stop at Shizuoka Tea.
    After having tea, we will guide you to your room.
  • Shop/Club

    How about souvenirs etc in memories of Atami trip?
    Amenity provided in guest room,
    We also sell pillows that are popular in the guest rooms.
    Of course courier service is also available.

    The CAFE lounge is filled with sunlight during the day.
    In the evening it will be a club where you can enjoy the night view of Atami.
    While Tsuki-no-Sumika original cocktail
    have a nice evening.
  • Healing space

    A private open-air bath on the 4th floor.
    It is a popular bath that you can use by charter alone for your family.
    Each group can take a bath for about 45 minutes.
    Guests of course.
    We are preparing for free.Of course the hot spring.
    (Reservation accepted on the day)
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Aesthetic Salon / Spa

  • The only one in Atami! The uterus-specific therapy important for women

    "Womb Inner Beauty Therapy"
      It is a treatment that leads the uterus to the correct place where the uterus should be, and relieves various women's troubles
      Female hormonal balance, menstrual pain, gynecological diseases such as menstrual irregularity,
      Infertility, improvement of menopausal symptoms etc can be expected.
      First from the adjustment of the pelvis, from the top of the clothes, warm the back of the stomach
      The uterus will make a cozy environment."

      Uterus Inner Beauty Therapy 90 to 120 minutes ¥12000(tax included)
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Hotel Name

Tsuki-no-Sumika, Atami Juraku Hotel


2-19 Tahara-Hon Town, Atami City

Telephone number



5 minutes walk from JR Atami Station.70 minutes from Tomei Expressway Atsugi IC.60 minutes from Tomei Expressway Numazu IC.

Pick-up presence (condition)
We will pick you up if you have inconvenience and you have an elderly boyfriend.Please contact us when you arrive at Atami Station.
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Reason Tsuki-no-Sumika

  • Good access, 3 minutes on foot from Atami Station

    It is 3-minute walk from JR Atami Station.Arrived in no time with almost no rain!
    Once you step inside the facility, you will be greeted by a superb view of Sagami Bay that spreads out in front of the world and a bright and cheerful employee.
    At home please, please go out to rest your wings of moments mind and body in Tsuki-no-Sumika
  • People-friendly hospitality by people

    Atami Juraku Hotel aims to create a warm accommodation linking people and people.
    Your staff will greet you from the bottom of my heart so that your travel will be very wonderful.
  • Passion for carefully selected food

    "Tsuki-no-Sumika" is managed by the chief chef from the purchase of ingredients with the motto of cleanliness, safety and security.
    The chief chef's "passion" is prepared to carefully select from the local network and markets, so that you can eat the dish with confidence.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.