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Review 4.7 seasonal cuisine in your room

Enjoy dinner and breakfast together with the cuisine prepared for your room.

We serve kaiseki cuisine with plenty of seafood and mountain favorites.
Nowadays, the meals provided by the guests' rooms will be kept high, while the traditional tradition is kept intact, and the reviews are highly evaluated.
Please enjoy relaxing with private time enrichment.


Approximately 12 items are available for Japanese Kaiseki Cuisine prepared by the chief chef who examines the ingredients with a motto of safety and security.
We use the seasonal ingredients abundantly and carefully prepare the seasonal feelings of Japanese cuisine.
The chief chefs themselves stuck, and many of the chosen pieces are valuable props that complement the taste of the dishes.
We are preparing to stick to the beauty of appearance.

We prepare a variety of sake according to the cuisine

  • Miyagi-produced cold sake, Ichinokura dry honjozo

    ¥ 1,800
  • Ichinokura, Suzune(Japanese Champagne)

    ¥ 2,172
  • Tsuki-no-Sumika recommended

    ·beer(A medium bottle), One, From ¥ 794, ·Japanese Sake(180 ml), From ¥ 794
    ·Draft Beer(glass), ¥ 559, ·Draft Beer(Medium mug), ¥ 869
    ·Shochu(glass), 1 cup, ¥ 1,055 from, ·Shochu(Bottle), From ¥ 5,961
    ·cold sake(350ml), One, From ¥ 1,800,  ·Cocktails, 1 cup, From ¥ 1242
    ·Various soft drinks, From ¥ 422

    ■Handled stocks
    beer(Kirin Lager·Ichiban-shibori·Asahi Super Dry, other)
    cold sake, (Ichinokura Ginjo·Urakasumi·Hana-no-mai, other)
    Shochu, (Iichiko·Kyogetsu·Kicchomu·Shochu, other)
  • All-you-can-drink party for 120 minutes at the party, ¥ 3,500 per person(¥ 3,780 with tax)

    All you can drink:Japanese Sake·beer·Shochu·whisky·Soft drink·ice·Mineral service
    (Cold wine / wine is not included)