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Aesthetic Salon / Spa

Aroma beauty salon with reliable all-hand technology and passion

Please spend a relaxing mind and body in Beauty Salon Viaura.

Once it takes time to become addictive,
Beauty salon with many fans.
Perform with whole body while using aromatic oil
Tired of lymphatic massage, accumulated fatigue and stress
Clear next day! And popular with us.(Advance reservation required)

Suggest beauty and healing from the inside with organic oil

We have prepared an all-hand aroma beauty salon (Vi Aura) that Viaura on 100% pure organic oil from do TERRA Company and blends oils for each part of your body. A full-fledged treatment that brings out the power of aroma oil to the maximum with the high technology of the essential oil and the practitioner.

How would you like to reward yourself for yourself?
  • Only in Atami! The uterus-specific therapy important for women

    "Womb Inner Beauty Therapy"
      It is a treatment that leads the uterus to the correct place where the uterus should be, and relieves various women's troubles
      Female hormonal balance, menstrual pain, gynecological diseases such as menstrual irregularity,
      Infertility, improvement of menopausal symptoms etc can be expected.
      First from the adjustment of the pelvis, from the top of the clothes, warm the back of the stomach
      The uterus will make a cozy environment."

      Uterus inner beauty therapy, 90 minutes to 120 minutes, ¥ 12000(tax included)
    • Various course are available【Aroma treatment】
      • Aroma treatment(60 minutes)From ¥ 10800
        In Salon Viaura, please enjoy the decollete head of 20 minutes ~ head of 90 minutes / back / leg / to decollete.
        We have prepared covered aroma treatments.

        In addition, you can enjoy the essential oil 's power【Aroma touch】Treatment is also available.

        "Womb Inner Beauty Therapy" to alleviate various women's peculiarities,
        We have various menus available.

        【Advance reservation required】
    • Beauty Salon Viaura

      We are accepted at the front desk of the Tsuki-no-Sumika Atami Juraku Hotel.
      Business hours
      15:00 to 23:00(Final reservation reception 20:00)