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One-room charter wedding that makes "we seem to be" to everywhere.

Visit consultation, Accepted at any time

  • Hospitality

    Fill all of the white guesthouse with your hospitality.
    The guest house with a view of the ocean is an independent guesthouse with one building.

    From the entrance to the lounge, banquet and garden, we can welcome guests in a space that we all co-ordinated.

    It is only here that you can do this style wedding in Sasebo.
  • Private Banquet

    There is no more private feeling.
    As the whole house is private,
    There are only two guests
    Complete private space.

    Family and guest interaction will deepen.
  • Location

    This is the location because it is a national park.
    Bright light falls down from the window of the white frame provided in the round shape, and the voice of the bird also comes out to the garden.Next to the garden is a riad inlet in National Park Kujukushima. You can also enjoy a beautiful evening scenery.It is a distance that you can see the traffic Pearl Sea Pleasure Cruise.
  • Comfort like a villa

    It's almost like a villa's comfort.A warm and easy space to reflect your thoughts.
    If you compare the comfort of a guest house where you can see the ocean, it is a villa.

    Relaxing space where privacy is also protected,
    You can spend a special day as usual.

    It's as if opening a home party
    Guests can be greeted with warm hospitality.
  • Visit consultation, Accepted at any time

    Flags Annex
    Guesthouse with sea view
    740 Kashimae-cho, Sasebo-shi, Nagasaki Prefecture 858-8589
    Inquiries by phone · Requested tour: 0956-28-2111