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Delicious Time For Life

Two restaurants that enrich life
FLAGS is a comfortable and "delicious" hotel.
"Kujuku Islands Chikusai" where you can enjoy teppanyaki in front of you.
Authentic Mediterranean restaurant "THE ONE" live feeling in an open kitchen.
In the two restaurants, we used the grace of food and the seasonal ingredients of Saikai
Enjoy the delicious cuisine.

We will do hospitality with hotel hospitality.
  • Kujuku Islands, Chikusai

    Be wrapped in beautiful bamboo groves and soft light.Careful selection materials to taste with the five senses.
    Chikusai - -.As its name, dining was directed with "bamboo" and beautiful "color".
    We offer seasonal ingredients from the local Kujuku Islands and other parts of Kyushu in the best cooking method.

    Exquisite grilling to bring out the taste of ingredients to the maximum.Beautiful creative Japanese food in eye aware of Japanese aesthetic sense.
    Chief chefs also have prepared local sake and wine which they selected.
    Please enjoy the taste of bliss in the leisurely flowing time.

    Teppanyaki which baked the seasonal ingredients carefully selected by craftsmen's attention in front of customers.
    Japanese cuisine backed by Japanese technology.We will offer the best "time" and "taste".

    • Corporate plan
      In response to your request, legal cuisine is newly introduced.
      The legal affairs can now be dealt with even in Kujukushima Chikusai.

      Enjoy a relaxing meal in the elegant and calm Japanese space.
      Seats for all seats, please relax.

      ※Reservation by telephone, 0956-28-7737
    • Chef message / Greeting from Chief Chef
      Making the best use of materials, we offer it as one of the most delicious dishes with skill of Japanese cuisine and bold grill.
      That is Chikusai's hospitality.

      Kyushu is full of wonderful materials,
      Among them, carefully selected seasonal items are suitable for cooking Chikusai.

      We hope you enjoy tasting with the senses while enjoying Japanese beauty, bamboo forest lease.

      Kujukushima Chikusai, Chief Chef, Ground, Advance
    • Chikusai Movie Kujuku Islands Chikusai Movie
      Seasonal taste to taste with the five senses, Japanese cuisine and Teppanyaki
    • About Chikusai

      Business hours
      Noon, 11: 30-15: 00, (Last Order 14: 00)
      Night, 17: 30-21: 30, (Last Order 21: 00)
      ·Steel plate counter seat, 13 seats
      ·Private room, 18 seats(4 rooms)
      ·Table seat, 52 seats
      ·Japanese Food, From 2,000 yen
      ·Teppanyaki, From 3,000 yen

      ※In addition, you can also make a course according to your request.

    THE ONE, a stylish open terrace restaurant
    It is a restaurant that you can enjoy less Authentic Mediterranean cuisine in Sasebo.
    Materials are mainly from local produce.It also incorporates the essence of the Mediterranean Sea.

    Because you can also see the chef's good cooking in the open kitchen
    I will not get tired of the time before cooking comes.

    Pizza of the popular menu is baked in a stone kiln equipped in the kitchen and immediately to the table.
    A wide selection of wines that match the cuisine comes from Sommelier's selection.
    We wait for the taste and hospitality just like the name of THE ONE.
    • Pasta Lunch
      1. Beef mince cream pasta
      (Luxury pasta using sauce and demi sauce as sauce)

      2. Cream pasta with shrimp and mushrooms
      (This is a cream pasta using two autumn ingredients)

      3. Pepperoncino with shrimp and scallops
      (Oil-based pasta that seasoned two seafood items into classic peperoncino)

      Four. Mentaiko cream pasta of squid and spinach
      (Creamy pasta finished with mint, squid, spinach, cream)

      Five. Buttery flavored tomato cheese pasta
      (A dish with butter and cheese added to tomato pasta)
      • Pasta Lunch


        Seasonal fresh vegetable salad


        Daily soup
        1,280 yen
    • Pizza Lunch
      1. Basil pizza with ham and spinach
      (Pizza vegetables scented with spinach and basil!

      2. Sausage and corn pizza
      (We topped with popular cheese corn wiener for pizza of tomato sauce)

      3. Pizza with smoked salmon and avocado
      (I smoked the salmon smoked flavor and topped with avocado)

      Four. Margherita
      (A fixed classic menu, a simple taste becomes a habit)

      Five. Macachea
      (Topping cheese base 3 kinds of meat, contents are looking forward to)
      • Pizza Lunch


        Seasonal fresh vegetable salad


        Daily soup
        1,280 yen
    • Drink menu
    • Chef message / Greeting from Chief Chef
      The sunny and calm sea.The climate around the Mediterranean Sea is very similar to that of Sasebo, and it is no surprise that the delicacies of Kujuku Islands Sankai are compatible with Mediterranean cuisine.

      Authentic Mediterranean cuisine made with local ingredients from Kujuku Islands, Kyushu and authentic Italian is finished with olive oil and spices ordered from the local area. Pizza with freshly baked fish in the kitchen equipped stone kiln is fragrant and dough is dirty.It is baked which can only be output in the stone oven.Italian cheese and ham are also available.

      The space of the open terrace and the open kitchen will surely make you feel the openness of the Mediterranean Sea.

      THE ONE, Chief Chef, Yamauchi, Kenji
    • About THE ONE

      "Direct", 0956-28-0001
      Business hours
      Noon, 11: 30-15: 00, (Last Order 14: 00)
      Night, 17: 30-21: 30, (Last Order 21: 00)
      Table seat 120 seats
      ·Lunch course, 1,185 yen/¥ 2000/3,000 yen
      ·Dinner course, 4,000 yen/6,000 yen

      ※In addition to the course, there is also a la carte prepared.
      ※All the above rates are tax-excluded.
      ※All-seat smoking cessation