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Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to contact us.(Reception time from 9:00)

We are posting questions that have more inquiries than customers!

  • amenities goods in guest rooms?

    One of the most frequently asked inquiries by phone.
    ☆Q.11 Do you have TVs and bath towels, etc. because the guest rooms are cheaper?
    ★A. ItContinue reading
  • Do you have a public bath for 24 hours?

    Frequently Asked Questions
    ☆Q. Can I use the large communal bath for 24 hours?
    ★A. The public bath of this facility is open until 12:00 in tContinue reading
  • Can I use a credit card?

    Frequently Asked Questions
    ☆Q. Can I pay by credit card?
    ★A. Yes, you can.Various credit cards are accepted, so we recommend that you check Continue reading
  • Is there a toilet in the guest room?

    Frequently Asked Questions
    ☆Q. Is there a toilet in the guest room?
    ★A. This facility is divided into "with bath and toilet", "with toilet" Continue reading
  • Is there an open-air bath in the large public bath?

    One case with a lot of inquiries.
    ☆Q. Is there an open-air bath and sauna in the large communal bath?
    ★A. We are very sorry, but there are nContinue reading
  • What about an elevator?

    This is a common inquiry.
    ☆Q. My legs are bad, but is there an elevator?
    ★A. I'm sorry.This facility does not have an elevator.Ascending andContinue reading

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