Creative Japanese cuisine by chief chef using various ingredients every season

Creative cuisine using seasonal ingredients including Yamagata Beef.
Volume well, sure to be satisfied!
Regardless of age and young women, please enjoy a wide variety of popular creative dishes.
  • Seasonal meal

    It is the most popular dish in the hotel.
    The price is affordable and reasonable.
    Boasting a super size dish where delicious seasonal ingredients with Japanese beef sukiyaki are served.
  • Seasonal meal

    One-ranked cooking plan with Zao beef sukiyaki& homemade beef stew.
    Homemade beef stew was prepared with chief chefs carefully.
    It is a Japanese set meal that can enjoy Yamagata's beef "Zao Beef" with Sukiyaki.
  • Shiki no zen

    First-class first-come-first-served basis only! Passion plan steak and seafood!
    It is a dish plan three pairs a day, because it takes time and labor to make too much.
    plan of using carefully selected ingredients including Zao Beef's steak!
    Satisfaction is best for food and guest room too! You can enjoy the charm of hot spring accommodation!
  • Breakfast table

    Along with the morning awakening, breakfast at the inn is kore!
    Natto · glue to grilled fish, spa eggs for soaking.
    I'm glad it's normal! It's delicious because it's simple!
    The breakfast at the Onsen Ryokan is very healthy! Please have a pleasant morning.
  • Dining Hall

    Japanese Banquet hall of Mappi-Bashi.Seats are OK for cushions like old days.
    Since you can also prepare an ice table in Tatami, even those with bad feet can relax and have a relaxing meal.
    If you would like to serve a cushion, please contact us in advance.