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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Wi-Fi connection possible?

    Yes, we have free Wi-Fi access in all guest rooms.Please check the ID and password in the guest room.
  • Do you arrive earlier than the payer of the day and put it in the room?

    I am sorry.The hotel requires a prepayment at check-in.As a general rule, it is not possible to pass through the room before payment, so pleContinue reading
  • Do you have a newspaper?

    We are currently discontinuing the service due to the influence of the Coronavirus.
  • Can I use it on a school trip?

    Please refrain from staying with student groups at the hotel.We regret to advise you to consider other nearby hotels.
  • Is there a charge for the refreshing bath (large communal bath)?

    There is no charge for using our member refresh room.However, this service is only available to those who are member members, so it is necesContinue reading
  • How many days in advance will you be able to cancel?

    In principle, we will contact you if you can contact the hotel by the day before your stay.
    However, some reservations cannot be canceled byContinue reading
  • Can I print out prints?

    We do not accept printouts.
    *Please refrain from keeping data such as USB memory for security reasons.
  • Is it possible to extend the parking lot?

    As a general rule, parking is available from 15:00 on the day of check-in to 11 am on the day of check-out.However, if you pay a parking lotContinue reading
  • Do you lend a writer or a match?

    Yes, there are limited number of lighters available, but please ask at the front desk.
  • Are the charges different for internet reservation and telephone reservation?

    The room rate will change depending on the date and the number of available rooms.
    Some of our hotel accommodation plan are only available Continue reading
  • If I don't need cleaning, can I get towels and amenities?

    If you don't need to clean your room, please contact the front desk to get new towels and amenities.
  • Is there an umbrella available for rent at the front desk in case of sudden rain?

    Feel free to contact us as they are available at the front desk.
    (Please understand that the number is limited.)
  • Do you have room service?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer room service, so please understand.
  • I would like to receive a lump sum receipt with the company name. Is it possible?

    We will respond with a handwritten receipt.
    Please ask at the front desk.
  • Can beds and beds be added?

    Yes, certainly.
    If you contact the hotel in advance, we will correspond.
  • Is there a hair iron rental?

    Unfortunately, our hotel only provides regular hair dryers.
    Please understand.
  • Can I issue a receipt for online payment?

    Customers who use Internet payment will have to download the receipt themselves from the site where they made the reservation.
    Please underContinue reading
  • I reserved a smoking room because there is no non-smoking room. Does it smell?

    The room odor is well ventilated during cleaning, but there are times when you may be concerned.
    If you wish, deodorant cleaning is also avaContinue reading
  • What happens to the receipt when I use Netpoint?

    We will issue a receipt for the amount you deducted points from the accommodation charge you used.
    Please understand that the point usage deContinue reading
  • About mobile charger

    There is a limited number of chargers available for rental at the front desk.
    Please check with the front desk if you wish.
  • Can I have a room with my friends and family next door?

    The hotel rooms are allocated the night before.
    We will do our best to contact you in advance, but please understand that it may not be posContinue reading
  • Is it possible to wait for cancellation if the desired lodging date is full?

    The hotel does not accept waitlists for cancellations.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but we request that you contact the hotel for coContinue reading
  • Can I use the room during continuous stay or during the daytime?

    Normally, you can use the room if cleaning is not required even during the cleaning time.
    In that case, please present the magnet in the guContinue reading
  • Can I leave my luggage in my room during continuous stay?

    Yes, we will clean the luggage as it is.
    Be sure to bring your valuables with you.
    If you would like to check in, please check at the frontContinue reading
  • If I forget something, can it be mailed to me?

    Yes, if you have forgotten something, please contact the hotel, and if there is a deposit, it will be cash on delivery, but it will be maileContinue reading
  • If I stay the next time, is it possible to store luggage until the day?

    If your next stay is confirmed, we will keep it at the front desk.
    At that time, valuables, fragile items, food, etc. cannot be stored, so Continue reading
  • Is it possible to store luggage before check-in?

    Luggage can be stored even before check-in.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us as it will be handled by the front desk.
  • Is it possible to have a humidifier installed in the room?

    At our hotel, humidifiers are installed in all guest rooms as a regular guest room.
    If you want a humidifier with an air purifier, we can reContinue reading
  • Is it possible to stay for a long time?

    If there is room in the room, we can accept from the basic rate of 8600 per night.
    "Urbain Stay Hiroshima East", a convenient and affordableContinue reading
  • How many people can stay in one room?

    Up to 2 adults in a room with 1 double bed.The twin room with 2 beds can accommodate up to 3 adults with an extra bed.


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