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Please enjoy the taste of Japanese and Western cuisine

We have a buffet restaurant where you can enjoy Japanese, Western and Chinese cuisine, and a restaurant where you can enjoy Japanese cuisine!

You can enjoy meals at restaurants such as Japanese / Western / Chinese seasonal dishes and hotel patisserie sweets, all-you-can-eat, and Hamamatsu's specialty “Miso no Yayaki” and Japanese restaurants where you can enjoy Japanese cuisine.

Restaurant introduction

  • Japanese and Western buffet dining "Champs Elysees"

    You can enjoy a variety of cuisines and cakes of Hotel Patissier at the all-you-can-eat each season using chef's seasonal ingredients by hotel chefs.

    You can enjoy cuisine in buffet style both for lunch and dinner.

    • Buffet · Sweets

    Dinner time is available only for Hotel Maid single item menu.

    • Japanese and Western buffet dining "Champs Elysees"

      Business hours
      Lunch, 11: 30 to 16: 00, Dinner, 17: 30-21: 00(Meal·Drinks provided 20: 30)
      ※Saturday · Sunday and busy season may differ in two-part system · time.
      190 seats
      All-seat smoking cessation
  • Japanese cuisine"Doman"

    The Japanese restaurant "Doman", directing hospitality for a lifetime, uses a selection of seafood and mountain foods as ingredients and has plenty of tasteful Japanese cuisine.
    Please enjoy not only cuisine, coloring of beautiful instruments and neat spaces.
    • Japanese Food
      Japanese set menu meals and seasonal cuisine using seasonal ingredients.You can enjoy "Eel" dishes of Hamamatsu specialties.It is also recommended as a place for celebrations of longevity · celebration of children.
    • Hana Gozen set
      A Japanese-style daytime meal full of lunch and seasonal feeling.Menu changes monthly!
      3100 yen Lunch only
    • Hamamatsu Sesse-jo Gozen set
      Full of ingredients that are considered to be Hamamatsu specialty Eel and Tokugawa Ieyasu-Ko's favorite food!
      The adjoining Hamamatsu Castle (Shusse-jo) is widely known as the castle where Tokugawa Ieyasu-Ko spent 17 years.
      This Hamamatsu Sesse-jo Gozen set is a favorite food of Tokugawa Ieyasu-Ko Sea Bream tempura and Hama-natto, using, such as "eggplant" and Lake Hamana of "eel" and Tenryu Tea, it seems to Hamamatsu It is a treat.
      Lunch 4,250 yen, Dinner, 5,250 yen
    • Sushi lunch "Nadeshiko"
      Must-see for those who want to eat delicious sushi at lunch time!

      Doman Luo and dessert with stylish set sushi and chawan Mushi's fashionable set lunch (with Aka-dashi soup) option.

      2100 yen
      2100 yen
    • Japanese cuisine"Doman"

      Business hours
      ·Lunch from 11: 30 to 14: 00
      ·Dinner from 17: 30 to 21: 30 on Friday(Last Order 21: 00)
      ·Saturday·Sunday from 17:30 to 21:30 (Last Order 21: 00)
      We have two types of table seats, table seats in private rooms.
      All-seat smoking cessation
      ※Prior reservation priority
  • 【Group dedicated party】Muslim Friendly Dish

    In order for Muslim customers to have a more relaxed meal in Japan,
    We offer menu of Japanese cuisine, French cuisine and Chinese cuisine using halal ingredients.
    ※The hotel does not receive Halal certification.
    • Menu that you can experience Japanese traditional food culture "Wa"
      ◆ First sesame tofu crushed bean paste, seasonal vegetables and shrimps
      ◆ Bowls replace shrimp with rice crackers with bean sprouts
      ◆ Baked dishes with two dishes
      ◆ Hakka Scallop Nambar pickled, onion, Eggplant white miso Dakuraku, Maruzen rice cracker, Deep-fried octopus's isobe
             Salted soybean, shrimp ginger boiled, soup rolled omelet, asparagus and eringi roasted chicken
      ◆ Fried tempura(shrimp, White fish, Vegetables)
      ◆ Stewed dish, shimmered sea bream and seasonal vegetables
      ◆ Meal white rice, Pickled Vegetables, Aka-dashi soup
      ◆ Sweet Tenryu Matchakan (jellied dessert) and Seasonal Fruits Platter
      • Muslim Friendly Dish (Japanese Food)

        5,000 yen
    • Western-style course meal with Halal lamb's peach meat as the main item
      ◆ Appetizer Norwegian Salmon pickled in salt
               With radish and mushroom marinade
      ◆ Soup, Potato soup grown in Mikatahara Plateau
      ◆ Fish dishes Red snapper with sushi shrimp prawn with green sea bream from Lake Hamana
                  Miso cream sauce
      ◆ Meat dish, Roasted lamb peach meat
      ◆ Dessert three-day mandarin oranges with jelly fruit
      ◆ Bred bread
      ◆ Coffee Coffee
      • Muslim Friendly Dish (Western Food)

        5,000 yen
    • course cuisine with chili sauce of chili sauce as main menu of Chinese
      ◆ Appetizer beef thigh meat dish, with sesame sauce
      ◆ Soup laver from Lake Hamana and shark's fin soup with egg white
      ◆ Stir-fried chicken sausage and stir-fried Hamamatsu vegetables
      ◆ Dim sum, Halal Vegetable spring roll
      ◆ Chili sauce of the main large shrimp
      ◆ Meal White rice
      ◆ Coconut milk with dessert white ball
      • Muslim Friendly Dish (Chinese)

        5,000 yen
    • <Group reservation required>Muslim Friendly Dish

      Business hours
      <Reservation system up to 3 days in advance>
      We will correspond according to your desired time.
      We will prepare a venue according to the number of people.
      ※We will accept under 10 people.
      ※For cooking, we will use ingredients suitable for Muslim (edible meat obtained Halal certification, ingredients confirmed Halal nature).
      ※We will use seasoning without alcohol addition.
      ※The kitchen, cooking utensils, washing places, storage areas and cutlery are not exclusive to Halal.
      (※The hotel does not get Halal certification.)
      ※Please feel free to contact us with disposable dishes
      ※A meal place can be reserved.
      ※We can prepare temporary worship special space and lend Matt and Kibura compass.
      ※Depending on the purchase situation you may change the ingredients used.
      ※Instruments and sticks may change.