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Things to do

Please spend a moment of healing feeling green.

In the hotel lounge, you can enjoy chatting and reading while having a tea time at the hotel pastry sweets according to the season, and Hamamatsu Castle Park
  • Enjoy an elegant time with seasonal hotel maid sweets.

    You can use it for various occasions such as conversation and reading with friends while relaxing with a relaxing sofa.
    Hamamatsu Castle and each season from the large windows, so why not relax and have a relaxing tea time!
    • With the cake of the hotel pastry chef!

      Relax and have a tea time in the tea lounge where light and green shine

      Please choose a hotel maid cake from the showcase and spend a wonderful time with coffee or tea from the self-drinks.
    • 1 minute walk from the hotel A 24-hour convenience store opposite

      Even after the hotel restaurant is open, it is convenient to sell light meals and sweets.
  • Take a walk around the hotel!

    In the vicinity of the hotel, there is a lush Hamamatsu Castle Park, which is recommended for jogging and walking.
    Why do not you take a walk around the area.
    • Hamamatsu Castle, a Shusse-jo related to Ieyasu Tokugawa

      1 minute walk from the hotel A space where you can experience the history of Japan

      Just a short walk from the hotel.
      Hamamatsu Castle towering next to the hotel is known for its young Ieyasu Tokugawa who reigned as a castle lord. It is also called "Shusse-jo" because the castle owners of successive times got the key position of the shogunate.
      There is a Japanese garden on the way to the Castle Tower, which is recommended for a morning walk or jogging.
    • Hamamatsu Toshogu Shrine alias "Shusse Shrine"

      Hamamatsu Toshogu Shrine

      About 5 minutes walk from the hotel.
      At the shrine, which was built on the site of the predecessor Hikuma Castle of Hamamatsu Castle, Tokugawa Ieyasu-Ko, Okuninushi-no-mikoto (Daikokuten) Kotoshironushi-no-mikoto (Ebisu-jin) has been enshrined as your deity.
      In addition, it is said that Hideyoshi Toyotomi has also visited, and is also known as “Shusse Shrine”.
      Hamamatsu Toshogu Shrine enshrines the god of good fortune, producing two people, Ieyasu Hideyoshi and "Tenkajin".
      People who know it are powerful power spots.
      The lantern has a heart-shaped carving, which is beneficial for romance? !!
      There are bronze statues of Ieyasu-ko and Hideyoshi-ko, making it a photo spot.
    • Japanese garden in Hamamatsu Castle Park

      Hamamatsu Castle Park

      Hamamatsu Castle Park spreading around Hamamatsu Castle is home to Japanese gardens and lawn plazas where fireworks can be played, and it is popular as a base for civil culture.
      Although the scenery is only for a period of time, you can enjoy cherry blossoms in spring, fresh greenery in summer, and autumn leaves in autumn.
  • Sightseeing ~ Around Lake Hamana ~

    About 40 minutes by car from the hotel.Kanzanji Onsen, you can enjoy the amusement park “Hamanako Palpal”, the only Kanzanji Ropeway across the lake, and the “Hamanako Orgel Museum” where you can enjoy antique music box displays.
    As an official hotel privilege of Hamanako Palpal,
    Guests staying at the hotel can use the discounted price on the day of accommodation and the next day.
    If you are interested, please inquire at the front desk at check-in.
    • Paradise of play in the banks of Lake Hamana Hamanako Palpal

      amusement park, Hamanako Palpal

      Paradise of "Hamanako Palpal" located banks of Lake Hamana.
      There are about 30 types of attractions, and it is a play paradise that everyone from small children to adults can enjoy!
      Free pass for those who want to ride a lot of attractions.If you do not get enough free paths, you can purchase trucks and garbage Card the park one at a time and have fun.
      On weekends, you may meet Palpal's mascot character "Palpal Family"!
      As an official hotel benefit, you will receive an invitation ticket for Palpal entrance on the day of accommodation and the following day.
      If you are interested, please inquire at the front desk at check-in.
    • Ropeway crossing the lake on Japan's only lake

      Kanzanji Ropeway

      It is adjacent to Hamanako Palpal so you can enjoy it with the amusement park.
      It is the only ropeway crossing the lake in Japan and you can enjoy 360 degrees magnificent view of Lake Hamana from the observation deck on the side of Mt Okusayama
      Would you like to join us at the "Hamanako Orgel Museum" where a number of antique music boxes in the same building are displayed.
      As an official hotel privilege, you can use at the discounted price on the day of accommodation and next day.If you are interested, please inquire at the front desk at check-in.
    • A museum of automatic musical instruments with a valuable collection of about 70 items.

      Hamanako Orgel Museum

      A museum of automatic musical instruments that opened in 1999 and exhibits a valuable collection of about 70 items.
      At the regular demonstration held in the 2nd floor hall, you can enjoy the sounds by demonstrating some of the collections on display.
      There is the Tokai region on the 1st floor, and you can sell various music boxes and make your own original music box at the handmade experience workshop.
      Enjoy the beautiful scenery and the sounds of old musical instruments.

      The rooftop observation platform can overlook the magnificent Lake Hamana 360 °, and the calyon's tone will sound at 00 minutes every hour.