Kinmedai no Oishi yado Isozen Maedaen
Overlooking the sea, it is a homely accommodation.

【Official】Isozen Maedaen

Please enjoy the hot spring and open-air bath and relax at Inatori’s proud red snapper, Japanese Spiny Lobster and salmon.

Overlooking the sea, it is a homely accommodation.We prepare a fresh seafood purchased from Inatori Fisherman who is a relative, we are waiting for cooking.
Please try to eat Kinme Snapper that you took with Inatori.I am aiming for a warm inn that you can come and stay many times.

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Kinmedai no Oishi yado Isozen Maedaen


1008-1 Inatori, Higashiizu Town, Kamo County, Shizuoka Prefecture

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Via Odawara Atsugi Road from Tomei Expressway Atsugi IC, to Inatori at Route 135, train Inatori Station and get off at Odoriko Express

※Transfer available
 Please call us after you arrive at Inatori Station.
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Use genuine Inatori production Kimmei

  • We devise various dishes using Kimme Snapper.

    We devise various dishes using Kimme Snapper.
    Something tasty is finished, sometimes there are failures.
    While imagining your face that customers are willing to eat the food of Locally produced red snapper eyes
    We are enjoying cooking for completion
    Please eat it once.
  • The owner himself went to the market to buy it.

    Isozen Maedaen, we are passionate about the real Inatori locally produced red snapper of the Isozen Maedaen,
    In order to provide more delicious things, the master himself / herself in the market
    I am going to purchase.Inatori Port we have the bidding rights of Inatori Port
    It is possible to stock directly the kimme sea breams that have been caught.
    There is a Locally produced red snapper that you can buy there in Tokyo Tsukiji
    It became famous as a high class fish traded at high price.
    , Shabu shabu shabu-shabu Inatori kimme of this passion and
    Please eat it with boiled one figure.

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 8:00 to 22:00