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Just good taste ...

This plan is a special plan only for customers who saw the Maedaen homepage.

We do not serve enough dishes to eat at our inn.
We cook ingredients of the seasons themselves, we offer dishes cooked lovingly.
Please enjoy delicious food and dishes of the season of Inatori.

contact number, (0557-95-2106)

Please do not hesitate to contact us as we will respond to budget etc. consultation besides the plan below.
In that case we ask by telephone.

You can choose the cooking method for the Japanese Spiny Lobster and salmon Three major rocky shore plan of the salmon.
Japanese Spiny Lobster, please choose sashimi or a demon shell or Boyle, abalone sashimi or dance grill.
Please fill in the remarks column of reservation form when making your reservation.

☆Payment method☆···We do not handle cards, so please be cash.
  • ◆Limited to 2 Groups◆, Experience Inatori's products plan

    This plan is only available for general rooms, rooms are available in capacity.
    The picture is an example of cooking.
    The menu changes according to the purchase situation.
    Boiled fish will be the material of the season.

    [Meal·An example]
    BoiledContinue reading
  • ◆Feature◆, Local fish sashimi+Kimme sea bream's figure boiled down plan

    The Japanese modern room has a capacity of 2 people. The boat at the photo booth is two servings.

    ★Standard Room, Modern Japanese(Non-smoking)
    Simmered boiled kimme sea bream, Boat of local fish, pottery, Fried food, Vinegared dish, ThreContinue reading
  • ◆Feature◆, Local fish sashimi+Shabu-shabu enjoyment plan kimme sea bream

    The Japanese modern room has a capacity of 2 people.

    ★Standard Room, Modern Japanese(Non-smoking)
    Shabu-shabu kimme sea bream, Seasonal local fish boat,
    pottery, Fried food, Vinegared dish, Three delicacies, Steamed food, rice, Pickled Continue reading
  • ◆Extremely Popular◆, Boil the kimme bone·Shabu Shabu's great satisfaction plan

    The Japanese modern room has a capacity of 2 people.
    In case of 2 or 3 persons, boiling of the kimme sea bream will be offered in fillets.It will be stewed from 4 people.Sashimi is a prime of seasonal local fish platter assorted 5 points.

    ★StanContinue reading
  • ◆Luxury◆, Three major rocky shore plan

    Japanese Spiny Lobster is a great plan that one Japanese Spiny Lobster and abalone are attached to each one.
    Sashimi prepared five seasonal local fish.
    Kimme sea bream can also be eaten with shabu-shabu · boiled onion.
    Boiling is provided by filContinue reading
  • ■Specific period, while, ■, "It is a Saturday charge during the holidays"

     ※, Please contact us directly for the year-end and New Year holidays (12 / 28- 1/5) fee.
     ※, GW, Bon Festival (8/10 to 8/17) will be increased slightly so please inquire.

     ★children's fare(Under 12 years old), (Saturday·Plus 1,000 yen+Tax)
      CContinue reading
  • ◆Great Value Plan◆, For those who work hard, Business plan

    Higashi-izu who can come to Higashi-izu on business, please use.
    Please heal the tired body with a hot spring and try hard on the next day's work.

    [Your budget]
    We will respond to consultation according to the number of people and the length ofContinue reading
    Room rate
    For reservations 0557-95-2106
  • 1 Night/ Breakfast Included Plan

    For dinner please use those who eat at the aim and late check in.
    After relaxing in the hot springs, please rest in your room while listening to the comfortable ripples of the ripples.

    ※You can not specify rooms for this plan.

    1 adult, ¥ 7,000Continue reading
  • Free meals without meals plan freely

    One adult please, 5,000 yen+Tax
    One child, 4,000 yen+Tax
    (1,000 yen + tax increases on Saturday · holiday the previous day)

    ※You can not specify rooms for this plan.