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Homemade ponzu with slime of sweet potatoes

Speaking of Inatori! After all, kimme sea bream

To the extent that it is said that "Kimedayai is Speaking Inatori", there is a reputation for the quality of Kimmedai from Inatori.
In 'Isozen Maedaen', you can taste the specialty dish "Isozen Maedaen shabu of Kimedayai" using the selected kimedai.
Serve with sliced ​​fillets through the hot water and eat it with ponzu sauce that contains a lot of mochi and grated pasta.
It is an irresistible dish that refreshing flavor and crunchy crunchy.

※The food content may change depending on the season.
  • Kaiseki cuisine example

  • Breakfast

    An example of breakfast.Although it is a general Japanese food, fish dried with greasy fish,
    The freshly baked rolled eggs etc. of the hotel will cater for your meal.
  • Secret of the taste of Isozen Maedaen

    Since relatives are fishermen, fresh seafood is cheaply available even if it is said.That's why we can offer these cuisines at cheap prices.
  • Customer's enjoyment of repeater

    It is one of the dishes the repeater customers are looking forward to.
    Fried kimme sea bream with herbs mixed with herbs, and enjoy it with flavored vegetables and dressing.
    Even though it is deep-fried, it is a light texture.