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Peripheral information

Highlights of Tsuruga

The highlight of Tsuruga that retains the good old days.
  • Ocean

    • Uninhabited island in Tsuruga Bay"Mizushima Island"

      An uninhabited island that is very popular in summer. "Mizushima Island"
      A large number of sea bathers come every year.
    • Nihonkai Sakanamachi (seafood market)

      You can eat gorgeous seafood bowls and mackerel sushi!
      Enjoy Fukui's quality seafood shopping in a vibrant market!
    • Matsubara Beach

      Japan's Three Great Pine Groves.
      A popular spot as a beach!
    • Suishohama

  • Tourist attractions

    • Kehi Jingu Shrine

      Japan's Three Great Wooden Shrine Gates in Japan and is famous for its magnificent red torii gate.
    • Tsuruga Red Brick Warehouse

      Built as a storage in 1905.
      Travel back in time to the good old days!
      There are also souvenir shops and restaurants.