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  • 1. Meal, Dinner

    Fresh seafood and fresh fish are sent directly from Toyama Himi, Niigata Prefecture Oyashirazu, Itoigawa, No, and each fishing port in the Sea of Japan, and used for appetizers and fish dishes.
    Main dishes and side menus make use of materials that can only be tasted here, such as freshly picked herbs from the garden and ancient organic rice from local Shinshu, as well as seasonal organic vegetables, Shinshu Wagyu and Shinshu Premium Beef (*), and Hakuba’s SPF Pork I use it for Popular homemade desserts are three kinds of assorted daily.
    After-dinner drinks are either original blended coffee or daily fruit flavor tea (Ronnefeldt / Germany).

    (※) A5 rank Shinshu Premium Beef / reservation system, ¥ 4,320 per person (There are cases where you can not prepare it separately without charge / arrival)
    ○You can also order round birthday cake including your birthday and anniversary (from ¥ 2,700 / reservation required)

  • 2.A drink, Drink

    Over 100 types of Japanese wines are always stocked from Nagano Prefecture AOC certified wines and from Hokkaido to Kagoshima. Please enjoy with our Asian French dinner.
  • 3.Meal, Breakfast

    ■American breakfast
    (Daily egg dishes·Side dish·Various fruits·Fresh salad·Yogurt·Bread·Various juices·Coffee·Flavory)
    ■Risotto breakfast
    (Vegetable soup with poached egg·Daily risotto·Various fruits·Fresh salad·Various juices·Coffee·Flavory
    ■Morning porridge breakfast
    (Vegetable soup ・ daily egg dishes ・ Western-style Hakuba Murasaki Rice・ flavor ・ various fruits ・ fresh salad ・ juice various ・ coffee ・ flavor tea of Hakuba Murasaki Rice rice and Azumino Koshihikari)
  • Asian French