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Overnight Stay Plan

  • Mist with sauna Perspective Jacuzzi bath + dining kitchen + mattress is Tempur! ~Superior Condo~

    Room of renewal in July 2018.
    Enjoy the "Kunugi style", a new- Kunugi style room.
    Living and bedspace flooring is lacquered, Japan's ancient "boring process" is performed, making it unique and presence finish.And a bright outdoor bath with a loContinue reading
  • Completed in July 2016! , Jet-black Kiso Hinoki Cypress bath "superior, sum, ~ Nagomi ~ "

    New room is completed in July 2016.
    We expressed requests that were more than guests from abroad than they used to before, in a manner that looks like the hotel.
    From the large window of the bathroom you can enjoy the fresh green, autumn leaves Continue reading
  • Healing space of thick beam and Ryukyu Tatami Mattress! Asian Modern "Superior Combi Room"

    Asian modern & Japanese modern room with more requests than before was completed.This time we are boasting 2 rooms → 1 room renovation, spacious space.I was concerned about the entrance and lighting in the room, so please look forward to it!
    As Continue reading
  • Accommodation in Japanese Modern "Superior Twin Room"! It is recommended for couple use!

    Following the popular "Superior Combi", "Superior Twin Room" was completed in December 2007. The theme of the room is "Japanese modern", a new "Kunugi style" proposal.Please be healed.Please use the bath is the Midori-no-Yu Iwa-no-yu and Midori-Continue reading
  • ~ Enjoy the trees ~, stay in a standard style western style "log style and hideout place"!

    The twin room and the double room with log style kept the ceiling height low, and finished it as "adult hideout style". (The photo shows a double room).

    ~ Enjoy the trees ~, stay in a standard style western style "log style and hideout place"!Continue reading
  • Relax relaxingly with "Standard Japanese-style room" with independent spacious single room powder room

    A Japanese room with 14 square meters plus boards is woven with interwoven wallpaper and has an Asian atmosphere.
    There is a private room powder room (bathroom / toilet) that is independent of the guest room.

    Hot Springs of the Asian open-air bContinue reading
  • Hot Spring Outdoor Bath &Iwa-no-yu& Private Midori-no-Yu! The room is 1F "basic Japanese style room"

    Rooms are on the first floor.In addition, there is a washroom in the room, a toilet exclusive to the room (a washlet with auto opening / closing / washing function).

    (In the room of this plan, there is preparation of private room toilet with deContinue reading