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  • Superior "condo" (4 people from 206/2)

    Room renewed in July 2018.Enjoy the new "Kunugi style" guest room.A bright bath with a large amount of glass tiles and glass blocks, a large Jacuzzi Corporation blow bath is set up toward Happo One, and you can also enjoy the mist sauna while bathing.The log-style dining kitchen has a tatami mat space and massage chairs for a bright atmosphere.
    (Jacuzzi Mist Sauna View Bath/Powder room/Air Conditioning / 50 LCD TV & 40 LCD TV & DVD Player / iPod Hi-Fi / Refrigerator/Aroma humidifier)

    *Non-smoking Room
  • Superior "nagomi" (205/2 to 3 people)

    This guest room is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2016, with "Cool Modern" featuring a custom-made jet black natural Kiso Hinoki Cypress bath.
    The guest's requests from overseas are expressed in a style that is typical of the hotel.

    (Kiso Hinoki Cypress observation bath with overhead shower and gyro stream/Powder room/Air Conditioning / 40 LCD TV & DVD Player / Bose SoundLink / Refrigerator/Aroma humidifier)

    *Non-smoking Room
  • Superior “combi” (202/2 to 4 people)

    A high space with a high ceiling and two rooms, the theme is "Asian & Japanese modern".

    (Dedicated powder room/Air conditioning / 40 LCD TV & DVD player/refrigerator/Aroma humidifier)

    *Non-smoking Room
  • Superior "Twin" (203/2 people)

    I expressed "Japanese modern" more stylishly, and I was passionate about interior lighting.

    (Exclusive powder room/Air Conditioning / 32 LCD TV & DVD Player / Speaker for iPod(YAMAHA)/refrigerator/Aroma humidifier)

    *Non-smoking Room
  • Standard "Twin" (208/2 people)

    The whole room is a wooden "attic guest room" made in the image of a log house.

    (Toilet & wash toilet/Air Conditioning / 32 LCD TV & DVD Player/refrigerator/Aroma humidifier)

    *Non-smoking Room
  • Standard "Japanese-style room" (4 people from 201/2 people)

    A room with woven wallpaper, Japanese paper-like frosted glass, and Japanese essence. (15 m2)

    (Exclusive powder room/Air Conditioning / 32 LCD TV & DVD Player / Speaker for iPod(LENCO)/refrigerator/Aroma humidifier)

    *Non-smoking Room
  • Basic "Japanese room" (4 people from 101/2)

    You can enjoy the Kunugi style more reasonably. (15 m2)

    (Private room wash toilet/Washroom/Air Conditioning / 32 LCD TV & DVD Player/refrigerator/Aroma humidifier)

    *Non-smoking Room 
  • amenities(Common to all rooms)

    shampoo(THANN)/conditioner(THANN)/Body Soap(THANN)/Liquid cleansing(Aroma Ess)/Moisture lotion(Aroma Ess)/Moisture milk(Aroma Ess)/Clean set (hair elastic/Cotton swab/cotton)/Wash ball/hairbrush/toothbrush/Shaving/bath towel/Face towel/Hairdryer

Number of rooms

Total number of rooms 8:4 Western-style rooms/3 Japanese-style rooms/Other 2 rooms
Western Chamber:1 double room(-)/Twin 1 room(-)/2 suites(-)

Room supplement

Japanese-style room(~ 4 people),Western-style Room(2 People),Superior(~ 4 people)

Standard room equipment

Some guest rooms Bath and toilet/Air conditioning and heating in all rooms/TV set/Video deck(DVD included)/Empty refrigerator


Hand towel/Toothbrush and toothpaste/bath towel/shampoo/rinse/Body soap/yukata/Hairdryer/Duvet/Shaving/Shower toilet/Cotton swab/Comb / Brush

Facility contents

The lounge/Ice machine/Drying room

Service & leisure(Including arrangement)

Room service/Beauty Spa(Pay)/Massage(Pay)/Rental ski(Pay)/Rental board(Pay)/Golf(Pay)/Putter golf(Pay)/fishing(Pay)/Paraglider(Pay)/horse riding(Pay)/Rafting(Pay)/Canoe(Pay)/Pottery(Pay)/Bicycle rental(Pay)

Credit cards that can be used locally

Credit cards cannot be paid locally.

Standard check-in time


Standard check-out time


amenities supplement

Monk's working clothes (samue) is samurai.