【Official】Shinjuku Sun Park Hotel

A 5-minute walk from JR Okubo Station, a 7-minute walk from JR Shin-Okubo Station

It is in a quiet location with good access 5 minutes from the station.

Measures against infectious diseases such as new coronavirus

  • Staff hygiene management

    In order for our customers to spend their time safely, comfortably and with peace of mind, Shinjuku Sun Park Hotel takes thorough preventive measures against infectious diseases in accordance with the guidelines of Tokyo.
    We ask for your understanding and cooperation.

    【1】Front desk, restaurant, maintenance, wearing masks for each staff member.
    【2】Temperature measurement and physical condition management at the time of arrival.
    【3】Regular disinfection and ventilation of offices, backyards and rest areas.
  • Hygiene management in this facility

    【1】Diligent sterilization and ventilation of the front desk, lobby and restaurant.
    【2】Installation of disinfectant at the front desk and restaurant entrance.
    【3】Install transparent sheets to prevent splashes at the front desk and restaurant cash register.
    【Four】In addition to normal room cleaning, sterilization work for TV remote controls, switches, etc.
    【Five】Sterilization work for parts of elevators, corridors, and stairs that customers touch.
    【6】Acrylic boards are installed on each table in the restaurant.
  • Request to customers

    【1】Please disinfect your hands and measure the temperature at check-in.
    【2】Please wear a mask in this facility.
    【3】Please disinfect your hands when entering the restaurant and wear a mask except during meals.

    Restaurant Tsubaki, there are staff members who have acquired the Corona Countermeasures Leader in Tokyo.

In this facility / facility

  • Front desk

    Please disinfect your hands.
    Please measure the temperature.
    A splash prevention sheet is installed.
  • lobby

    A lion welcomes you in the elegant lobby.
  • garden

    Enjoy the garden, which you can enjoy all year round.
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Shinjuku Sun Park Hotel


3-22-15 Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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A 5-minute walk from JR Okubo Station, 10 minutes to 15 minutes in the car than 7 minutes walk Shinjuku Station from JR Shin-Okubo Station
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