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Sightseeing around

  • Tokyo Disneyland

    • Tokyo Disneyland

      It is a land of dreams and magic that everyone from children to the elderly can enjoy.
      The three major mountains of Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain and Space Mountain
      There is also a parade, so even those who cannot ride a vehicle can enjoy it.

      Access from the inn:60 minutes by train, bus, etc.
      Okubo Station to Tokyo Station, change to the Keiyo Line and get off at Maihama Station
    • Tokyo DisneySea

      A theme park where you can experience the stories and legends of the sea as entertainment.
      There are fireworks and parades on the water, you can enjoy alcohol and you can enjoy an adult atmosphere different from Disneyland.☆

      Access from the inn:60 minutes by train, bus, etc.
      Okubo Station to Tokyo Station, change to the Keiyo Line and get off at Maihama Station
  • Tokyo Dome

    • Japan's first covered stadium

      Not only baseball games, but also the annual New Japan Pro-Wrestling Tournament,
      Concerts and exhibitions are also held.
      On December 31, 2020, Arashi's unattended dissolution concert was held.
      Tokyo Dome City (amusement park) and hot spring facility LaQua are also attached.

      Okubo Station, take the JR Chuo Sobu Line towards Chiba (Home 2) for about 16 minutes.
      After getting off at Suidobashi Station, it is about 400 meters to Tokyo Dome.
  • Kichijoji

    • Regulars at the top of the town rankings

      Inokashira Park Park, Japan's first suburban park, is a 5-minute walk from the station.
      There is a boat stop in the pond, which many people enjoy on holidays.
      There are also fashionable restaurants and cafes as you stroll around the pond.
      It is famous as a famous place for cherry blossoms and the autumn leaves are wonderful, but it is always quaint and fun.
      Inokashira Park Zoo is right next to Inokashira Park, and the zoo, which is rich in nature, can be enjoyed not only by children but also by adults.
      Ghibli Museum, Mitaka nearby, which is crowded with reservations.
      At the opposite exit (north exit) of the station, there is a harmonica side street full of small shops, giving it an exotic atmosphere.
      Right next to it is Kichijoji Sun Road.
      It is also famous for having a three-tiered shoulder car with three main characters, including Masatoshi Nakamura, in the 1970s masterpiece drama "Oretachi no Tabi".
      Kichijoji Art Museum is located in Kichijoji, which is about 5 minutes from the station.

      Okubo Station, take the Chuo Sobu Line Mitaka for about 17 minutes.
      Get off at Kichijoji Station
  • Mt Takao

    • A rare mountain in the world that is also the object of worship

      Shinjuku Sun Park Hotel, you can enjoy casual hiking and mountain climbing.
      Received three stars with that famous Michelin Guide.
      The spectacular scenery and delicious air are worth visiting.
      In addition to walking, there is a cable car and a lift, and you can walk from Mt. Mt Takao
      There is also Saruyama near Takao Station, where you can enjoy cherry blossoms in spring, beer in summer, colored leaves in autumn, and snowy scenery in winter.
      If you follow Route 1 from Takao Station for about 30 minutes, you will find Yakuouin, where you can receive a prayer for Homa.
      There are also shōjin dishes and amulet omikuji.
      There are various ways to attack the summit, such as Route 1, which is almost paved, Route 6, which is rich in nature, and the Inariyama course

      Okubo Station, take the Chuo Sobu Line towards Chiba (Home 2) for about 2 minutes, then transfer to the Keio Line Shinjuku Station
      Keio Line limited express Mt Takao about 50 minutes end point Mt Takao mouth get off ride in the mouth bound.
      It takes about 10 minutes to reach the Noboriguchi (Kiyotaki Station).
  • Tokyo Tower

    • A symbol of Tokyo, the capital city, which is beautifully lit up during the day and at night

      The view from the observatory is superb from the city center to the sea with the Rainbow Bridge.
      There is a cafe on the main deck where you can enjoy a drink while gazing at the view of Tokyo and the night view.
      The main deck is full of projection mapping at events.
      Please enjoy the beautiful view of Tokyo Tower Akabanebashi

      Okubo Station, take the Chuo Sobu Line toward Chiba (Home 2) and change Yoyogi Station
      Yoyogi Station, take the Oedo Line Roppongi for about 12 minutes and get off at Akabanebashi Station
      Approximately 650 meters It takes about 12 minutes on foot.