A long-established inn in Bikan Historical Quarter where you can immerse yourself in old Kurashiki to your heart's content."Turugata”

This historic building is steeped in 280 years of history.
Although it is a small restaurant, every corner retains the vestiges of the prosperity of the past, coupled with dishes made with mountain seafood.
We are sure to make your trip to Kurashiki even more enjoyable and memorable.
We sincerely look forward to using your service.

Information inside this facility

  • Lobby

    You can look out at the garden in the lobby with a calm atmosphere,
    You can read the newspaper.
    We also have coffee available for you to drink freely.
    There is also a calligraphy by Shiko Munakata in the atrium.
  • Large Communal Bath

    This facility has large public baths for both men and women.
    There is a large public bath.
  • Big Hall"Seto no Ma”

    In the large hall located on the second floor of the main building, you can see the thick beams that run from east to west.
    The solid ridgepole inherited from the Edo period is reminiscent of the prosperity of merchant houses at the time.
    The large tatami-floored hall overlooks Kurashiki River, Ohara Museum of Art, and Kurashiki from the lattice windows.
    It is currently being used as a banquet hall with 50 seats, which can also be used at tables.
    It is also used as a reception venue for weddings.
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Hotel Name

Ryokan Tsurugata


1-3-15 Chuo, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture

Telephone number



■Get off at JR Kurashiki Station and walk for about 15 minutes.
■Approximately 15 minutes by car from Kurashiki IC / Hayashima IC.
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