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Two restaurants with different styles

On the 2nd floor of the hotel, there is a buffet restaurant "Lupinus Hana-Ougi" where you can enjoy kaiseki cuisine in a calm space.
  • Buffet restaurant "Lupinus"

    Enjoy delicious and body-friendly dishes such as freshly prepared dishes cooked right in front of you, health-oriented dishes made with locally grown vegetables, and hotel-made sweets.

    【Sky Court Building 2F】 【Number of seats:200 seats】
  • Buffet Dinner

    【Opening Hours]17:00 (there is a case of 17:30) to 21:00(Last entry 20: 15)
  • Lunch Buffet(Closed)

    【Opening Hours]From 11:15 to 14:30(Last admission 13:30)

    ※Currently, the lunch buffet is closed.
  • Buffet Breakfast

    The cooks will make it with all their heart so that you can have a wonderful day with authentic freshly baked bread and special original jam.

    【Opening Hours]7:00 to 9:00(Last admission 8:15)
  • Japanese dining "Hana-Ougi"

    Multi-course dinner restaurant. For the main dish, choose from three types of dishes to be cooked on an iron plate.

    【Sky Court Building 2F】【Number of seats:92 seats】
  • Japanese Kaiseki Cuisine 《Hanamako Aji-kikou》

    You can enjoy a menu using local ingredients, including 9 kinds of appetizers using seasonal ingredients around HamamatsuYou can choose from three types of main dishes.

    【Opening Hours]17:30 (may be 18:00) ~ 21:00(Last entry 20: 15)
  • 【Limited Season】Pufferfish dinner

    Shimonoseki is famous as a pufferfish production area, but in fact many of the Shimonoseki puffer fish are caught around Hamamatsu. Unlike the aquaculture, the finest pufferfish are excellent in "scent" and "deliciousness". Hamamatsu, please enjoy this luxurious taste.

    ※The pictures and menu of publications are images. Cooking contents, vessels, etc. may change.
    ※The offering of pufferfish dinners is limited to the season from October to March every year.