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Facility information

Front desk lobby

  • Front entrance

    【Sky Court Building 1F】

    If you come by car, please come to the front door.
    The staff will guide you.
  • Front desk lobby

    【Sky Court Building 1F】

    A smiling staff welcomes you. Please feel free to contact us, including tourist information.
    "Wi-Fi" is also available in the lobby.

Natural Hot Springs

  • Hitotoki no Yu

    【Garden Court Building 2F】

    It is exclusively for guests staying, so you can relax.
  • Hanasaki no Yu

    【Hanasaki no Yu】

    In addition to the three large public baths, this is the largest hot spring facility in Shizuoka prefecture where you can enjoy relaxation and dining.


  • Souvenir "Hanagoyomi"

    【Sky Court Building 1F】

    This shop Lake Hamana, sweets from Shizuoka, and local sake.Please find your favorite.
  • Asian goods "Saya"

    【Sky Court Building 1F】

    There are lots of elegant and fashionable things such as Asian style clothes, bags, accessories and cosmetics.


  • Shiki no Garden

    【Garden Court Building 1F】

    Not only the view from the room, but also the early morning walk is exceptional.
    It is a large garden of 600 tsubo which you can enjoy various expressions every season.
  • Yuami Chaya

    【Hanasaki no Yu 1F】

    Cafe corner in Hanasaki no Yu. You can taste authentic local coffee and patissier homemade sweets.
    Healthy fruit juices are also popular.

Enjoy inside this facility

  • Table Tennis Corner(Out of Operation)

    【Hanasaki no Yu 1F】

    There are two table tennis tables in "Hanasaki no YuPlease enjoy with your family.
  • Slot corner

    【Hanasaki no Yu 1F】

    There is a slot stand next to the table tennis corner. (For a charge)
  • Cartoon corner

    【Hanasaki no Yu 2F】

    Here you will find about 5,000 comic books.

    ※Please browse the comics only at this place. It is forbidden to bring comic books into the room.
  • Karaoke room(Out of Operation)

    【Hanasaki no Yu 2F】

    There are 4 karaoke rooms that can accommodate 8 to 25 people.(For a charge)
  • Rental of colorful yukata

    【Sky Court Building 1F】

    There are colorful and cute yukata rentals.

    【Location】Hotel front desk sideways
    【Fare】440 yen per piece
  • Staff exhibition corner

    【Sky Court Building 1F】【Garden Court Building 2F】

    Permanent exhibition of staff's work.
    It is in the passage connecting the Sky Court Building and the Garden Court Building.


  • Relaxation Salon "On"

    【Hanasaki no Yu 1F】 

    Various body massages are possible.You can also combine menus according to your physical condition.

    【Opening Hours】
    11:00 to 23:00(Final call 22:30)
  • Body Care & Foot Care "Shiran"

    【Hanasaki no Yu 1F】

    Specialty store of body care and foot care. Massage to relieve your daily fatigue and refresh yourself!

    【Opening Hours】
    From 11:00 to 22:50(Final call 22:30)

For children

  • Children's space

    【Hanasaki no Yu 1F】

    There are toys for children.
    Please enjoy together with parents!

    【Period】All Year
    【Time】10:00 to 22:00
    【Location】Inside "Hanasaki no Yu" "Yuami Chaya" side
  • Nursing room and diaper changing table

    【Sky Court Building】【Hanasaki no Yu】

    【Nursing room】
    1F Front desk in front of the washroom
    1F Daidarabotchi no Yu Women's Dressing Room
    In front of the 2nd floor Japanese-style dining "Hana-Ougi
    【Diaper change stand】
    1F Hanasaki no Yu Multipurpose Toilet

Banquet Hall

  • Banquet Hall"Lake Hamana"

    【Sky Court Building 2F】

    Chairs and tables will be set up in the spacious tatami-matted venue.
    It can accommodate from 20 people up to 168 people, and the venue can be divided into three.
    (The round table seats 6 people)
    ※546 square meters
  • Banquet Hall"Tenryu"

    【Sky Court Building 2F】

    The tatami-matted venue can accommodate from 17 people to 100 people.
    ※87 sqm, 127 sqm
  • Banquet Hall"Hagi""Sasanqua"

    【Hanasaki no Yu 2F】

    We accommodate small banquets of 11 to 16 people.
    ※46 sqm, 36 sqm